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Australia Bans Animal Testing

Animals were shown a lot of love this Valentine’s Day when the Australian Senate passed the Government's Industrial Chemicals Bills 2017, which included a provision to ban animal testing on chemicals used as ingredients in cosmetics. This means that Australia has finally joined the EU and the UK in effectively banning cosmetic animal testing in Australia.

While it’s widely accepted that Australia’s cosmetic industry doesn’t conduct animal testing, under these new measures the industry regulator won’t allow companies to use data gleaned from any animal testing conducted on or after July 1st 2020 when introducing a new chemical or ingredient to their products.

For too long the beauty industry has relied on outdated and questionable animal testing methods that have well-known scientific limitations. This is because different species can respond differently from each other (and importantly, differently from humans) when exposed to the same chemicals. This means that results from animal tests may not be relevant to humans because they under- or over-estimate a certain ingredient’s hazard to humans.

Animals subjected to cosmetic testing include rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, and rats. Testing methods include chemicals being rubbed onto shaved skin or dripped into eyes, repeated oral force-feeding studies lasting weeks or months to look for signs of general illness or specific health hazards (such as cancer or birth defects), and even widely condemned “lethal dose” tests in which animals are forced to swallow massive amounts of a test chemical to determine the dose that causes death. These tests cause considerable pain and distress including blindness, swollen eyes, burns, internal bleeding, organ damage, birth defects, convulsions and death. Pain relief is not provided to these animals and at the end of a test the animals are killed, typically by asphyxiation, neck-breaking or decapitation.


“The ban has been designed so there will be no incentive to conduct animal tests to meet the information requirements for introduction of chemicals used solely in cosmetics in Australia,” said Brian Quinlan from the Department of Health. The future of product testing lies in non-animal testing that focuses on how chemicals and drugs affect humans (rather than animals) and this new law will only permit safety data from testing on industrial chemicals that are for sole use in cosmetics if that testing is not performed on animals.

This ban is a huge win for the animals and an important step towards banning animal testing in all industries, worldwide. Here at Professional Beauty Solutions we’re proud to be a cruelty free company whose brands have never tested on animals and are not sold in countries where animal testing is compulsory. We’re excited to be a part of the growing cruelty free movement and look forward to watching animal testing become a thing of the past!

Dermalux LED WINS ‘Best Manufacturer in the UK’ at the 2018 Aesthetic Awards.

ATL Awards 2018.jpg

We are delighted to announce that Dermalux has won ‘Best Manufacturer in the UK’ at the prestigious 2018 Aesthetics Awards. This exciting win continues a six-year winning streak at the London-based awards where Dermalux won ‘Best New Treatment 2013’, and ‘Treatment of the Year’ in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Recognition for excellence in medical aesthetics is so important and the Aesthetics Awards acknowledges and rewards practitioners, companies and organisations that endorse best practice, deliver outstanding customer service, demonstrate unprecedented skill and who uphold robust ethics in the field of aesthetic medicine.

More than 800 guests gathered at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel in London on Saturday 1st December 2018, to celebrate the incredible achievements of brands, clinics, practitioners, treatments and distributors in 26 categories across the entire industry.

Dermalux beat out other commendable finalists, including Lynton Lasers and Sterimedix Aesthetics to claim the incredible ‘Best Manufacturer in the UK’ title.

This award recognises the manufacturers who offer an up-to-date range of equipment and product development, as well as demonstrating excellent customer service and ongoing support for practitioners using their products.

DLX18061_Website Award Banner_Logo.jpg

According to the entry, Dermalux’s approach allows the team to control component quality and push boundaries in terms of technology and reliability, resulting in the production of high-quality products that are sold all over the world. One voter said the brand delivered, “excellent customer service”, while another said “innovation and stringent quality system that provides industry-leading product performance, backed by medical device quality safety and reliability.”

Louise Taylor, director of Dermalux, commented on the win saying, “This is a fantastic achievement for us. The Aesthetics Awards recognises those who follow best practice and excellence and this award demonstrates our continued commitment to the quality and efficacy of our technology to ensure it is results driven, industry leading and safe. We would just like to thank all of our clients and partners across the world for their continued support!”

For more information, call 1800 625 387 or visit click here.

It feels good to give!

It’s been a huge 2018 here at PBS and we’re proud of the many achievements of our team and our salons! But we also believe that there’s more to business success than numbers on a page and for this reason our proudest achievement this year is our continued sponsorship commitment to our “Little Sisters” in Cambodia.

As you may already know, PBS sponsors five young Cambodian girls through the Bestow Sisterhood and the Cambodia Charitable Trust, helping them to stay in school and protecting them against the very real dangers of human trafficking and sex slavery.


In a country with no welfare system and no community groups offering any form of support, this kind of direct sponsorship is often the only support available to a young girl and her family.

Besides helping her to attend school, sponsorship also enables her family to use the money for food, additional school lessons, medical costs or to help their other children.

Education breaks the poverty cycle and gives children choices and here at PBS we’re so glad to be able to give five young girls the opportunity to realise their potential and strive for a better life for themselves.

So why not make 2019 the year that you and your salon get involved and start giving back? The impact of these charitable contributions is immediate and profound and the following options are a wonderful way to incorporate philanthropy into your business model.

Sponsor a girl

For just $40 per month you can sponsor a young Cambodian girl – providing her with a school uniform, essential school stationery, access to health programs and a monthly contribution to her family’s living costs, helping to lift them out of poverty.

Stock Bestow’s Generositea

Salons can also become part of the Bestow Sisterhood by stocking and selling Generositea – the official Bestow Sisterhood tea. This beautiful rose-coloured tea is an organic blend of lemongrass, peppermint, hibiscus, cinnamon and cardamom and 100% of profits from its sales go to support the work of the Cambodia Charitable Trust.


From all of us here at PBS we wish you and your team all the best for the year to come!

Launched in New Zealand in April 2017, the Bestow Sisterhood is a partnership between Bestow Beauty founder, Janine Tait and her sister, Denise Arnold, who founded the Cambodia Charitable Trust in 2008.

The Cambodia Charitable Trust currently supports 12 primary schools, four secondary schools and two teachers’ training colleges in the Takeo and Kampot Provinces of Cambodia.

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics WINS a Launchpad 2018 Readers Choice Award

We are thrilled to announce that Youngblood have WON “Best Concealer” at the Launchpad 2018 Readers Choice Awards.

Thousands of readers each year vote in the Launchpad’s Readers’ Choice Awards, including salon, spa professionals, franchisees, makeup artists, individual stylist and more.

Youngblood’s Ultimate Concealer has been a popular choice among salon professional for its’s ability to easily hide dark circles, discolouration and blemishes. In addition, this super creamy, light-reflecting concealing cream won’t settle into fine lines, while the added vitamins soothe and brighten the delicate eye area.

Thank you, Launchpad Magazine, and everyone who voted. We are honoured for the recognition of our products and promise to deliver quality, clean beauty for 2019!

Enquire about Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics here today.

PBS Sleighs Office Christmas Cubicle


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Professional Beauty Solutions, so much so, that we just had to share this with you.

One of our longest standing team members, Jacqui Catt, who has been with the company for 12 years, is a crazy Christmas fan! You know that really festive co-worker who insists on putting the Christmas tree up in October and wants to play carols on loop from nine-to-five…(every office has ONE of those).

Without a doubt, Christmas is Jac’s favourite time of year. After dropping hints for several years about how she wanted her own Santa’s Workshop in the office, the PBS teamed decided to toss some ideas around and mastermind an epic plan.

But how could we out Christmasfie the most festive co-worker ever? We’d turn her desk into Winter Wonderland on her day off! BOOM!

With the entire team on operation “deck the desk”, we created this masterpiece.

We may be biased, but we think we totally sleighed it!

Needless to say, the highlight was the surprise on Jac’s face when she came into work on Monday.