Pure Fiji Launches NEW Coconut Lime Blossom Infusion at Beauty Expo

PFUS CLB Promo.jpg

Returning to Beauty Expo after 5 years, attendees came in droves to stock up on their favourite natural bath and body care products and experience the Australian launch of Pure Fiji’s latest signature scent - Coconut Lime Blossom!

Salon owners couldn’t get enough of the eagerly anticipated new infusion, with most of the Coconut Lime Blossom range selling out on the first day. The visiting Fijians were also a stand out for the crowd, performing incredible Signature Foot Rituals while singing some beautiful Fijian melodies throughout the weekend.

What’s in it?

Like all Pure Fiji products, the base of each range is the essential oils from four tropical nut oils including Dilo, Sikeci, Coconut, and Macadamia. In this range, these oils are then blended with fresh coconut milk, zesty lime, and lime blossom. Coconut has a myriad of skin enhancing benefits which help to soften, hydrate, soothe and protect the skin, while lime is rich in powerful antioxidants like Vitamin C to help boost collagen production. The incredible infusion of these antioxidants help particularly to tighten pores, remove dry skin cells and brighten skin tone. Skin is also hydrated with a refreshing blend of pure leaf hydrosols which offer skin protection and anti-ageing benefits.

With a complete body care range available including a Hydrating Body Lotion, Body Butter, Exotic Oil, Sugar Rub, Shower Gel, Bath Soak, Hand Crème, Body Mist, Spa Soap and Gift sets, as well as a new professional body treatment (launching late 2017), Pure Fiji’s Coconut Lime Blossom Signature Line is your clients ticket to hydrated, radiant and glowing skin.

For Pure Fiji stockists or for more information, call 1800 625 387 or visit https://au.purefiji.com/