Discover the South Pacific secret for beautiful skin and hair

Transport your skin to tropical luxury

For centuries South Pacific and Fiji islanders have used pure coconut oil and flower extracts to nourish, moisturise and beautify both skin and hair.

Pure Fiji brings you the best of these traditional blends for today’s natural bath and body care. Discover intensive hydrating body oils, creamy coconut lotions, nourishing hand made soaps and fresh sugar scrubs that will get your skin glowing.

About Pure Fiji

Pure Fiji brings you the best of Fijian ancient traditions combined with advanced technology for today's natural body care.

We are proud to offer you a complete line of natural beauty therapies containing uniquely Fijian plant extracts - hand selected to guarantee their highest quality. Pure Fiji passionately advocates the simple belief that we create products that are fresh and natural while respecting our people, our culture and our environment. The finest quality plant oils and extracts are utilised in every formulation.

Pure Fiji products do not contain ingredients which commonly cause allergies or problems to sensitive skins and should therefore prove suitable for the vast majority of discerning consumers. Organically produced materials are used where appropriate. We do not test on animals.

The wonderful Island culture in Fiji not only encourages bodily health, but a great sense of community and group spirit. The team of people that support our production process, and the communities that provide us with raw materials are a major part of our operation. We involve as many communities as possible in the production of our items, and without this network of human interaction, we would be unable to survive and grow.

  • Paraben Free
  • Mineral oil free
  • Not tested on animals
  • Organically certified cold pressed oils

Bring a piece of Fiji into your salon with Pure Fiji Signature Rituals. Our unique spa rituals reflect the beauty, spirit and traditions of Fiji where beauty is felt, spirit is honoured and traditions are respected. Transform your spa into a tropical oasis and make every guest experience a treat for the senses. All protocols for our signature treatments are provided so you can create the ultimate tropical spa indulgence for your clients. Contact us today for further information of our Signature Spa Rituals.