5 Minutes with Janine Tait, Founder of Bestow Beauty


With 30 years as a beauty therapist under her belt, Janine Tait re-skilled to study nutritional medicine and create Bestow Beauty, a range of organic superfood powders and oils that nourish the skin from within. She talks to PBS about the importance of looking at skin nutrition from within – and how it can make all the difference to your skincare therapy.

What is the philosophy behind the brand?

Bestow Beauty is a range of skin super foods, but it is much more than that. It is a philosophy and holistic approach for total skin and body well-being. We promote wellness in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of people’s lives. We support people in their positive lifestyle changes with skincare superfoods, self-care rituals and wisdom for healthy, beautiful living.

Why did you start Bestow Beauty?

Ten years into my career as a beauty therapist, I went through a crisis of confidence.  Despite using all the tools at my disposal I found that there were often times that I just could not get the results for my clients that I hoped for.  Skin disorders particularly became the elephant in the room that I didn’t want to mention, because I wasn’t confident that I could really make a difference. My frustration sent me on a quest for answers which led me to the woman who would become my mentor, Janice Sarre-Smith. Janice was decades ahead of her time in the way she treated skin holistically; she showed me the importance of working from within through skin nutrition and took a three dimensional approach to skincare which recognised that diet, environment, mental and emotional well-being were essential elements to consider alongside topical skincare and treatments. We now call this philosophy the ‘Slow Beauty’ way.

Is it true that our skin is a reflection of how we live our life?

The way your skin looks and feels reflects far more than the skincare products you use. Your skin also tells the story of the food you eat, the air you breathe, the alcohol you drink, the amount of stress in your life, your hormonal balance and the self-care practices you use to re-balance your mind and restore your soul. The journey to creating beautiful skin is actually a journey to creating a beautiful life.  

What are your daily rituals?

I meditate morning and evening for 30 minutes, which helps me to maintain a deep sense of balance and connection in the middle of my busy life.

I have a nourishing breakfast which always includes Bestow Beauty Oil. Most days I have a Bestow Anti-Ageing Smoothie which includes the following ingredients. 

  • One fresh or frozen banana
  • A small handful of spinach
  • A sprig of mint
  • 1 cup of coconut water
  • 1 tablespoon of chia seeds
  • 1 tablespoon of Bestow Beauty Powder
  • 1 tablespoon of Bestow Beauty Oil
  • A squeeze of lemon

Blend together. Optional - Decorate with toasted coconut, goji berries and chia seeds.

What is your personal favourite product from the range?

Together the Bestow Beauty Oil and Bestow Beauty Powder provide the key nutritional blocks for beautiful healthy skin.  I call them my Twin Skin Essentials and asking me to choose between them is like asking me which of my beloved nieces and nephews I love the most!

If pushed, I would say Bestow Beauty Oil is my favourite, simply because my skin just can’t cope without it. Bestow Beauty Oil offers a blend of cold-pressed organic flax seed and safflower oil, formulated to deliver the best balance of healthy fats for clear, glowing skin. It basically moisturises the skin from within. Whenever I have had to go for any length of time without taking Bestow Beauty Oil (which has only happened a couple of times) I start having all sorts of problems with eczema and other skin issues.

What has the feedback from salons been so far?

Therapists are excited to learn a new skill and to have another tool to help them treat their clients skins.  More and more therapists intuitively recognise that a holistic approach to skincare is really the only approach that works, so they are hungry for the knowledge and the tools that will help them to become the kind of skin health coach they desire to be.

Do you have any other tips?  

I’ve discovered that wellness rituals are just as important as wellness products. Unless you figure out how you are going to incorporate your Bestow skin food into your daily life, all that skin goodness will just sit on the shelf!  A daily smoothie is a great way to nourish your skin with raw food, leafy greens and your Bestow skin boosters all at once.

Like all wellness journeys, learning to live the Bestow way requires patience and dedication in the beginning, but it is truly a beautiful and rewarding way to live.

To discover more about Bestow Beauty or to enquiry about becoming a stockists, click here.


Dermalux WINS ‘Energy Treatment of the Year 2017’ for the 5th Consecutive Year!


We are delighted to announce that Dermalux® has once again won ‘Energy Treatment of the Year’ at the prestigious 2017 Aesthetics Awards. This exciting win continues a five-year winning streak at the London-based awards where the LED treatment won ‘Best New Treatment 2013’, and ‘Treatment of the Year’ in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Recognition for excellence in medical aesthetics is so important and the Aesthetics Awards acknowledges and rewards practitioners, companies and organisations that endorse best practice, deliver outstanding customer service, demonstrate unprecedented skill and who uphold robust ethics in the field of aesthetic medicine.

More than 800 guests gathered at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel in London on Saturday 2 December 2017, to celebrate the incredible achievements of brands, clinics, practitioners, treatments and distributors in 26 categories across the entire industry. 

Dermalux beat out other commendable finalists, including Endymed, ULTRAcel, Dermapen, Accent Prime and CoolSculpting to claim the incredible title for the fifth consecutive year.

‘Energy Treatment of the Year’ is awarded to those considered to offer the best energy treatment in the UK, including evidence of good safety and efficacy, optimum duration and tangible benefits over similar treatments on the market. Dermalux was selected carefully by a mix of Aesthetics reader votes and judges’ scores in order to choose the treatment that fares well to all, from users to professionals in the industry.


The continued popularity of Dermalux LED Phototherapy as a results driven, non-invasive treatment choice (available in salons worldwide) is primarily due to the clinical efficacy, versatility, safety profile and unrivalled profitability that our systems provide. 

Dermalux founders Louise Taylor and Huw Anthony are incredibly proud of their hard work in making Dermalux LED Phototherapy worthy of winning these prestigious awards. Together with their international partners, they are looking forward to an exciting 2018 to continue to develop and move the brand forward.

For more information or to enquire about becoming a Dermalux salon, click here

Reducing Salon No Shows and Last Minute Cancellations

no show.jpg

No-shows and late clients are an inescapable fact of life in the salon. The good news is that you are not alone. It happens to the best of the best, and it’s a problem that every salon occasionally has to deal with. Thankfully, there are ways to help eliminate (or drastically reduce) the number of no-shows you have:

Set up the Groundwork
It’s always best to think proactively and stop a problem before it starts. To do that, you should have a clear policy in place for handling problem clients before you need to use it. Make sure your policy is posted on your web page, Facebook page, and online bookings page and that your clients have read and understand it. Then, stick to it! It may be difficult to turn away a client who shows up late, but if you don’t enforce your policy it becomes meaningless. If you say on your website that you’ll refuse service to anyone who is more than 15 minutes late, then do it. Typically, you only have to enforce the policy once for the client to realise you mean business and start showing up on time.

Send a Reminder
Once you have your policies in place, the next step to preventing no-shows is to have an appointment confirmation procedure worked out. There are 3 main ways to remind your clients:

•    Appointment cards
•    Text messages
•    Phone calls

Text reminders are so common these days that they are expected good business practice and customer care. Salon software suppliers offer this facility as standard. It’s easy to set up and can save you a fortune on last minute cancellations and no shows. If clients don’t confirm their automated reminder, actually picking up the phone to give them a quick call can be key – particularly for those clients who have been unreliable in the past. You can also take this opportunity to upsell other treatments or products to them while you have them on the phone.

Offer a Discount for Pre-Paid Services
You’ll be surprised how much better your client’s memory is once they’ve already paid for their service – offer them an incentive to do so in the form of a discount or special if they pay beforehand.  As a bonus, you’ll find your clients are far more open to splurge on other services or retail products if they’ve put the bulk of the payment behind them by the time they’ve walked through the salon door.

What to do When Clients Fail to Show Up
If despite all of your efforts to confirm the appointment, a client still doesn’t show up, it’s important to contact them. This accomplishes a few things: first, you can make sure they’re all right and show them that you care for their well-being. Clients are less likely to no-show in the future if they feel they have a relationship with their service provider. Secondly, it can help diffuse any embarrassment they might feel if they simply forgot their appointment, especially when you tell them “I’m just happy you’re OK.” Then, after you’ve reassured them, you have an opportunity to reschedule the appointment and not miss out on the potential for future revenue. However, if you don’t make that call, chances are you’ll lose the client forever.

Know Your Rules
You have to have a standard set of rules that you can’t break for any one client. If your policy is to charge no-shows, add the fee onto another bill or simply reschedule, consistency is key. You’ll lose credibility if you do something for one client, and something else for another.

Remember that whatever policies and procedures you ultimately put in place, the best way to prevent no-shows and late arrivals is through outstanding customer service and quality. If you are known for the amazing work you do and the way you respect both your time, you’ll build a clientele that is loyal and respectful.


SOTM Badge 2017 12DEC collage1.jpg

Congratulations to Amanda Gooley and the team of five beauty therapists at Narrogin Beauty Clinic for being awarded our Salon of the Month for December. Located in the country town of Narrogin, Western Australia, Narrogin Beauty Clinic offers a wide range of treatments including, facials, clinical peels, LED, tanning, makeup, manicure and pedicures, as well as waxing.

At Narrogin Beauty Clinic, it is their belief that everyone deserves to take time out from their busy lives and enjoy a moment to themselves, whether it be an indulgent treatment or regular maintenance.

“We strive to offer the best possible services and treatments in a relaxing environment”, explains salon owner, Amanda Gooley. “When you walk in the door, it becomes our mission to give you the best professional advice on quality skincare and all your beauty requirements.”

Having first stocked Youngblood 8 years ago, Amanda has since gone on to add Sunescape, Image Skincare, Cherry Blooms, Bestow, Wotnot and Dermalux LED which she describes as one of the BEST decisions they’ve ever made!

“Being from such a small community town, our clients have become like a family. We try our best to offer services and brands, previously only available in the city which is a 3 hour drive away. We believe and stand by everything that we offer in the salon and our clients see this and trust that we are providing them with the best products available. PBS has made it easy for us!” Amanda said.

On how to excel in customer service, Amanda and the team at Narrogin believe in continuous education and training, ensuring they offer the very best in client treatments and up-to-date customer education.  In addition to this, they try to have a point of difference in all treatments that they offer. “By going just that little bit further can really enhance your clients experience and can turn a simple brow wax into something special” says Amanda.

They also look after their regular and loyal clients by offering regular incentives, VIP clubs and pop-up ‘surprise & delight’ offers when they visit the salon. This has assisted them in keeping a loyal clientele base, encourages more frequent visits, plus increases customer referrals!

What makes Narrogin Beauty Clinic stand out from the rest are the VIP days and make up classes they run. “We have recently hosted a number of Youngblood makeup classes where we gave all attendees a FREE Make Up Brush Roll. Our Youngblood sales after this were amazing! Our clients raved about the classes and are still asking when I will host another.”

SOTM Badge 2017 12DEC collage2.jpg

In addition to this, Dermalux Package deals (including 3, 6 or 10 treatment options) have been hugely successful for the salon and have boosted their Dermalux sales immensely this year! 

Congratulations once again to Amanda and the team at Narrogin Beauty Clinic for your innovative events, packages and services you provide to the clients in your area. Here’s to your continued success in 2018!

Has your salon found success using PBS products and MOAP? Want to see you and your therapists featured in the next Salon of the Month? We want to hear from you!

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7 Things to Look For in a Tanning Brand


Does one tan stand out above the rest? In Australia, spray tans are a sure thing, just like summer barbeques and day trips to the beach. But, with so many spray-tanning brands on the market, it can be difficult to narrow down which one to choose that you love. When your clients have a big event on the horizon, you don’t want to put your (and their) trust in the wrong tan!

Wouldn’t it be great to find your ultimate go-to brand that ticks all the boxes and achieves a flawless tan every time? Here are seven things to consider when looking for a tanning brand:

1. Does it contain natural DHA?

The chemical DHA is used in tanning products to achieve a realistic bronze without the sun. But there are different types on the market, meaning your tan can differ depending on what you use. Inhaling DHA over time is not idyllic, so look for a brand using organic DHA as a safe option. Sunescape only uses natural DHA for our professional and retail formulas, providing a healthy tan for your client, and a safe environment for your salon.

2. Is the scent enticing or pushing people away?

Is it possible to get the faux glow without the classic strong smell? Many tans can smell pretty overpowering. Not a great experience for you or your client! One of the key features with Sunescape is its signature lush coconut vanilla scent, developed to conjure thoughts of the perfect tropical escape.

3. Does it offer a complimentary range of products?

Clients often book in for a spray tan for a special occasion or event, but what about the times in between appointments? Offering a take-home retail range allows your clients to keep that glow 24/7, and keep coming back for more. Sunescape’s range extends beyond professional tanning solutions to include Self-Tan Mousse, plus prep, prime and maintain products which include Exfoliating Body Polish, Hydrating Body Butter, Gradual Tan Extender and a wash off range.

4. What is in the formula and what if left out?

The ingredients that many use to get that gorgeous glow are not always good for the skin. Ultra-dark formulas look good, but can also wreak havoc on the skin, causing it to dry out quicker. Some tanning ingredients used in Australia are even banned overseas! Sunescape is known for its attention to skincare, the rich, ultra-hydrating formula that focuses on nourishing ingredients like coconut oil and vitamin E and leaves out ingredients that are less than desirable, drying and flaky.

5. Is it cruelty-free and does it have vegan ingredients?

Cruelty free, vegan and natural products are a growing trend in the industry. A brand that avoids chemical nasties and uses vegan ingredients to nourish the skin is ideal. Not to mention one that is certified cruelty-free, as well as being free of parabens alcohol and petrochemicals.

6. What’s the rate of tan development?

It’s often difficult to judge the results of a tan, so look for a brand with a two-hour rapid tan that continues to develop over the next eight hours. Sunescape’s spray tan formula gives you a guide bronze. That way, you can get a sense of the final outcome, and your client can rinse off while still allowing the tan to develop.

7. Does it fade naturally?

One of the biggest woes about faux tans is accelerated, uneven fading! All regular tanners dread the snakeskin look, and hate it even more when it happens a few days in. If a tan fades naturally, your client will get more bang for their buck, and loyalty to your salon. Steer clear of solutions that streak, saving hours of concern over unreliable spray tans from drying formulas.

Groupshot Professional (002).jpg

Sunescape Tan is formulated to give you a natural looking and feeling tan. They provide salons and consumers with a safe, ultra-moisturising bronzed glow; one that smells amazing, fades evenly, and is long-lasting. Their products are focussed on treating the skin with care, containing added vitamins, antioxidants and oils to nourish skin, as well as hydrating ingredients to leave skin smooth. The proprietary formula is certified approved natural DHA, not tested on animals, and free from alcohol, parabens and petrochemicals.

Get that tropical bronzed glow with Sunescape!

To enquire about becoming a Sunescape salon or for more information, call 1800 625 387  or visit www.sunescape.com.au

Promote Black Friday + Cyber Monday in your Salon

Black Friday (24th Nov) and Cyber Monday (27th Nov) are two of the BIGGEST shopping days of the year with 137 million shopping over the weekend in 2016, and an estimated $682 billion to be spent this year in the USA alone. If you are currently thinking “Woah that’s amazing!”, it’s time for you to enter the fold and craft unique promotions to get your clients coming into salon to try services or new products.


Promoting Black Friday is a great salon marketing tool when used properly. This shopping day can boost a potential quiet month in salon – in the lead up to Christmas, November can be slower – as well as encouraging clients to spend more money in order to get a good deal.

Here are some quick promotion ideas to market your salon in the Black Friday craze:

  1. Market Season-based Services. Brand your services uniquely themed to the season with modifying your classic treatment names to spring up holiday feelings. Why not surprise your loyal clients with a surprise complimentary holiday service? It is not only a great way to say thank you, but also draws attention to your creativity and brings to the forefront of their mind their need to rebook before the Christmas period.
  2. Gift Cards! This idea can be hugely successful at this time of the year, and it’s fantastic to promote on Black Friday with 63% of Black Friday purchases being gifts for others. It is effective to offer your client a gift card and something in return, such as ‘purchase a $100 gift card for a friend, and receive your own $25 gift card free’. This is something special that they know is a rare promotion, and will feel rewarded by you. And when they return, they are likely to use this card on a special treatment to pamper themselves, which means a happy client and more business for you.
  3. Run Black Friday discounts on social media and on your website. Stress your time-limited sale or exciting promotions on social media to encourage people to pop in. It is even great to invest in some Facebook advertising to reach a greater audience and boost your organic posts. But remember, advertising any sale or discount in advance works much better than posting on the day.
  4. Shift older salon stock. A quick dash around your salon will yield a surprising haul of forgotten items. Turn these items into hot sellers with a great, compelling price and beautiful packaging! Even bundle a few items together in an organza bag and create your own beauty, skin or tanning kit that’s appealing to the eye to move through your stock. Clients will suddenly feel they are getting value. It’s the one weekend when discounts are expected and work well, remember to price each item individually and show the discount to boost your cash flow.
  5. Run a Black Friday competition. A great way to get engagement to your salon’s pages is by running a competition on your Facebook leading up to Black Friday, or over the weekend, with a prize is a service that must be taken up in January or February, when you will be much quieter.

Only just realised that Black Friday is only a few days away? Research shows that the best way to promote your discounts, services or gift cards in salon is through e-newsletters or text. These are effective, inexpensive ways to reach your whole salon database to shout about your last-minute beauty bargains and treats.

6 Reasons Why More Salons are Choosing Youngblood

2017 Foundation 2.jpg

Are your clients walking out of your salon and applying pore-clogging cosmetics that are contributing to the conditions that you’re trying to treat? Unlike other brands, Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics will compliment the treatments you are providing in your salon or clinic and promote healthy skin, whilst also allowing you to create any look you desire with it’s comprehensive range.


Here are just 6 reasons why more salons are choosing Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

Their superior formulations are made using advanced technology and provide unparalleled quality. 

  • Made  from pure, natural minerals triple milled for weightless, silky, adjustable coverage
  • Ideal for all skin types & conditions including acne, rosacea, pigmentation or those who have recently undergone an invasive skin treatment
  • Superior coverage, even with a single application
  • Offers a wide range of foundation formulas (loose, tinted, liquid, creme & pressed) giving you a range of finishes (matte, satin and dewy)
  • Is a true Artistry range with a comprehensive choice of colour
  • Contains Titanium Dioxide for natural sun protection
  • Does NOT use nano-technology
  • Contains NO drying zinc oxide, to keep the skin hydrated
  • Is non-comedogenic, so allows the skin to breath naturally
  • Is free of parabens, fragrance, oil, talc, alcohol, fillers and artificial dyes
  • Is animal cruelty free and environmentally friendly
  • Is a SALON EXCLUSIVE range

Save thousands of dollars in free testers and display units in all of our packages. This means greater margins on your opening order and a much more affordable investment than other major brands. With Youngblood you can start making profits straight away. 

Youngblood are constantly focused on how they can help you to grow your business through online and print media coverage. Every piece of marketing content they create is designed to drive more customers into your business. 

No other brand of Mineral Makeup can provide you with the broad appeal of their sleek and sophisticated style. Youngblood's packaging has proven that it can attract the enthusiastic young purchaser right through to the discerning experienced consumer. 

Choose from 4 stunning displays to suit your needs and your space. Designed to entice the try and buy method, your clients will love sampling all the products and colours from the Youngblood range. 

Youngblood provides an extensive range of training for your team by their professional beauty experts. They provide training on the benefits and correct applications of the product but also how to deliver a powerful presentation on our minerals. That’s why every stockists gets: 

  • FREE Install Training 
  • FREE VIP Launch & Free VIP Pack for Elite & Counter Top Opening Orders 
  • FREE bi-monthly marketing support featuring beauty tips, education, promotions and specials 
  • Advanced Makeup Application Masterclasses (only available to Youngblood stockists) 
  • FREE Marketing Material, training manual & training video valued at $186 
  • FREE Marketing on a Platter valued at $9,480/year 
  • FREE Business Building Tools & Support valued at $4,740/year 
  • Monthly blog and video tips to assist in your retailing and team training 

For more information about becoming a Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics Stockist call 1800 625 387 or click here.


SOTM Badge 2017 11NOV collage1.jpg

Those who seek out success, may just find it hiding in close sight. And Pure Beauty Medispa is the epitome of that, constantly endeavouring to not only grow in their business and as therapists but provide a friendly and helpful environment for their clients. Located in Beaconsfield Victoria, Pure Beauty Medispa, led by owner Sally Espinoza, have been operating for seven years, but that doesn’t mean they have been stationary during those years.

Regularly coming up with new, natural ways to treat their clients, from the moment they drink their complimentary Bestow tea to their undying focus on natural, flawless skin, Pure Beauty Medispa has been on a mission to provide clients with products that are organic, ethical and of supreme quality, with the help of Professional Beauty Solutions (PBS).

“Our products and treatments are of the highest quality, handpicked by our staff for their performance, and tailored to the clients’ individual needs”, Pure Beauty Medispa writes on their website. And this is proudly supported by the PBS brands the spa stocks.

Pure Beauty have stocked Youngblood and Pure Fiji for seven years, Wotnot for three, and their latest PBS addition is Bestow Beauty, which they have stocked and loved for 8 months strong.

“We love the wonderful support we receive from our representative Stella and all the staff at PBS”

With strong and ethical brands backing them all the way, Pure Beauty also places extreme importance on their customer service. With every service they provide, the client does not leave without any aftercare with Pure Fiji and Youngblood. Recognising the power of minerals and the natural formulas of Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics, Pure Beauty conduct free 4-minute makeovers on their clients, allowing them to leave their appointment, from microdermabrasion and cosmetic injections to peels, feeling safe that their skin is taken care of, concealing any redness from the treatment.

As for their care of their clients beyond the treatment, Pure Beauty also offer clients complimentary treats. “We have a gorgeous Bestow Tea display which is offered to all clients, and Wotnot wipes are used before makeup application or 4-minute makeovers [to take care of their skin]”, Espinoza explains.

Their foray into marketing their salon is stellar, not only utilising Marketing on a Platter (MOAP) to maximise client interest and engagement in salon, but through organising loyalty cards and VIP events for their faithful clients.

SOTM Badge 2017 11NOV collage2.jpg

“There is already an increase in team morale and excitement in anticipation of the new upgraded makeup stand we have ordered, and the VIP evening this month”

Congratulations to Sally and the team at Pure Beauty Medispa for your exciting events, treatments and aftercare you provide to clients in your region. Here’s to your continued success in 2018!

Has your salon found success using PBS products and MOAP? Want to see you and your therapists featured in the next Salon of the Month? We want to hear from you!

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7 Salon Marketing Tips to Make Halloween Profitable (and Fun!)

Now is the time to jump in with both feet and cash in on the fun. Halloween salon ideas can be fun and lucrative if you play it right. Since people love to have fun with their makeup and nails, it’s the perfect time for you to let your creativity run free.


Heed these 7 tips to draw in new clients, promote special services and offer in-salon tricks and treats to foster community engagement this October 31st.

1. Spooktacular Decorating

Whether you go scary of glam it up, the Halloween salon idea are endless. Do your thing and get creative. Create some pretty lolly displays with old vases or apothecary jars. Try layering lollies by colour in the jar. Place them around the salon or set them up in one display.

Rather than cutting into pumpkins, paint then with all kinds of fun designs to keep them looking fresh Hang some spiders or even use t mannequin heads to have some ghoulish fun.

2. Be BOOtiful

People who are really into Halloween often celebrate the whole month long. Take advantage of this and have some fun! Whatever your salon specialty is, you can be your own best advertisement. If you are a makeup artist, then you can think of so many fun ways to do your makeup. Nail techs can have a tone of fun with all the cool new nail art trends. Show off what you can do and don’t forget to have a business card on hand.

3. Bewitching Deals

Make yourself available, extend your hours and offer some special deals for Halloween looks.

Be sure to start advertising ahead of time. What are other businesses around you doing for Halloween? Planning an event with other local businesses is a great way to get your name out there.

4. Magical Marketing

Have a contest: You can get on social media and do a photo contest for the scariest or cutest costume, most creative makeup or wildest nail art. Get creative and have fun. The prize could be a free service to accompany a regular service.

Create Posters: You can create fun Halloween posters and flyers to hang outside your salon and to hand out. You can also create fun advertisement images for social media with Canva.com. If you are doing Halloween-theme makeup, be sure to add that to your poster.

Don’t just decorate the salon. Think about decorating your website too. Change to a Halloween theme. Jump online and get some ideas or talk to your web designer about doing some temporary web theme changes.

5. Spirited Offers

Offer clients a sweet package deal. They can come and get their Halloween look from you and if they do they get a percentage off or a facial rejuvenation treatment. You can also offer a package price for a group of related services. Or any client who purchases a retail item on Halloween gets to pull a “treat” from the pumpkin. Treats can be percentages (10%, 15%, 20%) off services or sample size products.

6. Halloween Night

Whether you decide to host a business event for trick-or-treat or if you plan to just hand out candy, be sure to advertise on your posters, website and social media ahead of time. Be sure to tie your business card or coupon onto the treats with fun Halloween ribbon.

7.  Blast Out a Halloween Newsletter

Now that’s you’ve got your promos, contests, and events planned out, it’s time to let your guests know about all of the fun stuff you’re doing this month. Send out an email newsletter that shows off your Halloween spirit! 

Whatever you decide to do this Halloween remember just have some fun!

Why Aren’t Clients Recommending my Salon?

Not getting many recommendations, reviews and referrals despite doing everything right? This could be why.


Did you know that 84% of consumers say they either completely or somewhat trust recommendations from family, colleagues, and friends about products and services? Referring a business to a friend is the highest-ranking source for trustworthiness in a business, product or service, and is the number one thing you should be working towards developing!

What are you presently doing to encourage your current clientele to refer your business to friends, family and colleagues? Do you give out business cards, ‘refer a friend’ flyers, or do you rely heavily on word of mouth taking its course?

Often, salon owners can implement recommend a friend plans, and find they are getting little to no new clients in return. Why?

Firstly, do not stop your attempts after believing they are failing. It’s highly likely that they are not, but it is the execution that may be getting in the way! As the leader of your collective of therapists, make sure those referral cards are getting handed out to EVERY SINGLE CLIENT you are servicing, even the retail customers.

And simply placing them in their shopping bag isn’t enough to jog their memory later in the day to actually use the card! If you are not handing them out you are limiting your chances to marketing to new people and gain new client referrals. Push them hard, make sure you are handing it to them directly, and explaining exactly what it is so they feel encouraged to share around. Even just a simple addition to the end of your ‘goodbye’ spiel, asking them to refer you is a push in the right direction to getting recommendations.

But what if you are handing out material to encourage clients to recommend you to their friends and family, and still referrals don’t seem to be happening?

Your clients may not be telling anyone about you, but why?

If your salon is not giving an exceptional service to each and every one of your clients, that makes them laud you as they walk out the door, they simply may just not be remind themselves to recommend you. As you want your clients to speak highly of you and endorse you to their loved ones, a winning customer service attitude is what you need!

Every moment you spend with your client is an opportunity to create a positive experience, and one they will remember. From the moment they step in the door, to the second they leave, your client wants an escape from the every day, so give it to them. Chances are they will talk about you then!

Saya Beaute Bar provides a tropical oasis to their clientele, from the products they stock to the atmosphere they provide, while Bella Spazio’s presence in salon and online makes their clients feel like they are part of something special and exclusive.

As we know, word of mouth is one of the best ways to win new clients. Put yourself in your client’s shoes when it comes to recommendations. How good would your service have to be for you to mention it? MAKE your salon WORTH recommending!!

Ask yourself, “Is my salon offering a remark-able experience?”. Yes? Then your clients will remark on it. To their friends.

What you Missed at PBS Beauty Expo 2017

Did you attend Beauty Expo Australia's big weekend full of education, hundreds of brands and salon representatives crawling through everything they had to offer?

If you missed it, check out our exciting recap of Professional Beauty Solutions' time over the expo weekend, exhibiting all 10 brands over 7 stands:

Find the video on our YouTube channel, click here.

For more information on what PBS had to do at this year's Expo event, read up on our recap here!

Unmissable Product & Technique Education at Passion to Profits 3.0, Monday Masterclass!


After showcasing all 10 brands over 7 different stands at Beauty Expo in August, Professional Beauty Solutions returned for more unmissable product and technique education with Passion to Profits 3.0, Monday Masterclass – a day designed to help salon owners grow their business and their skills.

Held at the International Convention Centre, Darling Harbour in Sydney on Monday 28th August, Passion to Profits 3.0 was a jam-packed day of education, with PBS flying in industry experts from two of the most innovative skincare and mineral makeup brands in the industry! Speakers included Philip Luque, Director of Artistry Global & Domestic Senior educator for Youngblood Minerals Cosmetics and Dawn Clifford, Senior Director of Education for Image Skincare.

The day kicked off with a Youngblood ‘Look & Learn’ Mineral Masterclass from Philip Luque where he demonstrated the “The Art of Youthful Makeup for Mature Skin”. In this class, Philip highlighted the fact that mature skin has characteristics and needs that other skin does not, therefore the products you use when working with mature skin need to be adjusted to ensure skin is left glowing, without emphasising fine lines. During the second half of the class, Philip showcased another beautiful makeup trend, “Draping – The New Contouring”. Similar to contouring, draping follows the natural bone structure to define, sculpt and create a flawless cheekbone. However, cream blush is used (in two different shades) to achieve a softer, more natural look without the standard brown tones used in classic contouring. 

Guests then joined Image Skincare’s Dawn Clifford for an afternoon of skin peel demonstrations and in-depth training on the newest ingredients and delivery systems which help take Image Skincare’s products and treatments to the next level. They were also treated to a sneak peek of IMAGE MD – a NEW range that incorporates cutting edge ingredients and delivery systems and utilises the latest advancements in skincare technology. Unlike other skincare programs, this collection can be used as a daily, ongoing skincare protocol and will be launching early 2018 in Australia.

PBS prides itself on not only providing leading brands, but also giving professionals the education and marketing support they need to truly succeed. With a gift bag from both events in hand, attendees walked away with a wealth of new knowledge they learned from these two leaders in the beauty and skincare industry. 

For further information on brands distributed by Professional Beauty Solutions, please call 1800 625 387.

Pure Fiji Launches NEW Coconut Lime Blossom Infusion at Beauty Expo Australia

PFUS CLB Promo.jpg

Returning to Beauty Expo after 5 years, attendees came in droves to stock up on their favourite natural bath and body care products and experience the Australian launch of Pure Fiji’s latest signature scent - Coconut Lime Blossom!

Salon owners couldn’t get enough of the eagerly anticipated new infusion, with most of the Coconut Lime Blossom range selling out on the first day. The visiting Fijians were also a stand out for the crowd, performing incredible Signature Foot Rituals while singing some beautiful Fijian melodies throughout the weekend.

What’s in it?

Like all Pure Fiji products, the base of each range is the essential oils from four tropical nut oils including Dilo, Sikeci, Coconut, and Macadamia. In this range, these oils are then blended with fresh coconut milk, zesty lime, and lime blossom. Coconut has a myriad of skin enhancing benefits which help to soften, hydrate, soothe and protect the skin, while lime is rich in powerful antioxidants like Vitamin C to help boost collagen production. The incredible infusion of these antioxidants help particularly to tighten pores, remove dry skin cells and brighten skin tone. Skin is also hydrated with a refreshing blend of pure leaf hydrosols which offer skin protection and anti-ageing benefits.

With a complete body care range available including a Hydrating Body Lotion, Body Butter, Exotic Oil, Sugar Rub, Shower Gel, Bath Soak, Hand Crème, Body Mist, Spa Soap and Gift sets, as well as a new professional body treatment (launching late 2017), Pure Fiji’s Coconut Lime Blossom Signature Line is your clients ticket to hydrated, radiant and glowing skin.

For Pure Fiji stockists or for more information, call 1800 625 387 or visit https://au.purefiji.com/

PBS 2017 Salon & Stockist of the Year!

Winners announced at the PBS Annual Awards Gala Dinner!


The recently renovated Cockle Bay Room at the International Convention Centre, Sydney was the place to be on Saturday 26th August, where 140 glamourous and excited guests arrived for PBS’ 2nd Annual Awards Gala Dinner.

The evening kicked off with champagne on arrival and photo booth fun, with the hundreds of salons and beauty therapists mingling and sharing their experiences of Beauty Expo earlier that day. The evening’s host and MC, Rebecca George started the official festivities by introducing the wonderful James English Band, and encouraging PBS’ salons, partners and international guests, including Youngblood’s global educator and MUA Philip Luque, Bestow Beauty founder Janine Tait, Image Skincare’s international educator Dawn Clifford, and Cherry Blooms’ founder and CEO Jellaine Dee, to take their seats for the night ahead.

Guests were treated to a 3-course meal while mentalist, Phoenix mesmerised the audience with his Mind Magic and Comedy Show.

The PBS Awards ceremony kicked into full gear with winners announced in 11 categories and runner’s up in 3 categories. This year was also the first year that salons were recognised for their passion, marketing and retail achievements, with three new awards added to the mix including the “PBS Passion Award”, “Marketing Excellence Award” and “Retail Therapist of the Year Award”.

However, the night belonged to Bella Spazio who took home two awards including Cherry Blooms Stockist of the Year and the prestigious Salon of The Year Award! 

Bella Spazio Spa & Beauty - Salon of the Year 2017

Bella Spazio Spa & Beauty - Salon of the Year 2017

“Thank you to all our loyal clients for all your support. We are passionate and dedicated in what we do and strive to deliver the very best, every time. We are so overwhelmed and grateful to be honoured with these awards and can’t wait to share with you what’s next for Bella Spazio” said Lisa Fowler, Salon Owner.

Congratulations once again all our winners, your hard work and dedication has paid off


  • Salon of the Year – Bella Spazio
  • PBS Passion Award – Angel Touch Skin Boutique
  • Marketing Excellence Award – The Beauty Spot
  • Marketing Excellence Award – Abbey Edwards
  • Youngblood Stockist of the Year – Activeskin
  • Image Skincare Stockist of the Year – Body Wisdom
  • Sunescape Stockist of the Year – Tan Temple
  • Bestow Beauty Stockist of the Year - Chateau Elan
  • Cherry Blooms Stockist of the Year - Bella Spazio
  • Body Sugaring Australia Stockist of the Year – Skinfit Body & Beauty
  • Pure Fiji Stockist of the Year – Aztec Day Spa
  • Retail Therapist of the Year – Salma Jaafar (Breathe Spa & Indulgence)

Runners Up

  • Youngblood Stockist of the Year – Skinfit Body & Beauty
  • Image Skincare Stockist of the Year – Light Aesthetics Skin & Body Clinic
  • Sunescape Stockist of the Year – Body Wisdom

PBS Beauty Expo Wrap Up

It’s over! After months and months of preparation, Sydney Beauty Expo is done and dusted for another year, and it went off without a hitch.

The weekend of the 26th and 27th of August saw Professional Beauty Solutions return to the International Convention Centre in Darling Harbour after two years, to host our array of different brands under the PBS banner to the salon owners, managers and therapists from across the country. After missing last year’s Beauty Expo in favour of our PBS run education event, Passion to Profits, this expo was locked in to be our biggest and best yet, and we certainly hope we didn’t disappoint!

With 7 juggernaut stands across 10 brands this year, our team was pushed to the limits to deliver an incredible experience to not only our salon partners, but salon visitors from all walks, and provide a ‘complete solution’, from skincare and makeup to tanning and inner beauty.

Every stand under the PBS banner, from Pure Fiji to Dermalux, was pumping with people wanting to get a glimpse of some of the greatest brands in the beauty industry. Our visiting Fijians were a stand out for the expo crowd, performing incredible Signature Foot Rituals while singing beautiful Fijian melodies. Bestow Beauty founder Janine Tait’s wealth of knowledge about the Slow Beauty movement and the importance of looking at your skin from within also made Bestow Beauty’s floral, ethereal stand a hit, while our talented makeup artists at Youngblood were on their feet all day perfectly proving their artistry and colour matching here, there and everywhere!

This year, along with our crowded stands exhibiting each of our salon brand, PBS also took part in several education sessions over the two-day event, providing unmissable and up-to-the-minute education for those in attendance, including insights into boosting your salon profits, mineral makeup masterclasses, the importance of dermo-nutrition, digital marketing tips and tricks, and innovative ingredients in skincare. International educators and founders of our salon-quality brands flew into Sydney to impart their expert knowledge in their fields, and had an invaluable experience themselves speaking to the best and brightest salons in Australia.

Our weekend was only made sweeter by 140 guests, including our salons, their partners and international guests, attending our 2nd Annual PBS Awards Gala Dinner on the Saturday evening. The night of nights, our dinner saw our top salon and most passionate therapist be rewarded for their hard work and loyalty, with several of our salons being honoured for their excellence in marketing, retail, and passion and stockist performance. Congratulations to all our finalists and winners, and a special mention to Bella Spazio, our 2017 Salon of the Year winner!

Sydney Beauty Expo came and went in the snap of our fingers, and it’s safe to say that it was one crazy and exciting weekend for us here at PBS’ and we’re sure for all of our salon partners as well.

We would like to say a big thank you to all those who came and took the time to visit the Professional Beauty Solutions corner of the expo floor. We are humbled by the amazing support from so many of our wonderful salon and spa owners and managers.