Success starts with Innovation

Whether you’re big or small, if you fail to innovate and create a better product or service for your customers, your business is vulnerable. We delve deeper into why innovation is the cornerstone of all business success and which brands are leading the way.

The word “innovation” is often associated with large-scale businesses and global brands, but as a small business owner, you too should be focused on innovation in order to stay competitive. Businesses that innovate not only have an edge on their competitors in attracting new customers, but are also more likely to attract new talent, which often leads to greater innovation. This is how the gap widens between companies who lead, and those that follow.

The heart and soul of a company is creativity and innovation.
— Bob Iger

The benefits are tangible. The Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Innovation in Australian Business report showed that 91% of innovating businesses benefitted from improved goods, service, processes or methods.

Customer needs are constantly changing, and the most innovative businesses predict changes in the marketplace, providing solutions before their customers even realise they need them.

“We are always looking for breakthrough brands that produce cutting-edge product innovations. We love big ideas that lead to big results for our salon partners,” says Matt Williams, Managing Director of Professional Beauty Solutions.

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.
— Steve Jobs

“If there is one skincare company in the world of professional skincare that is innovating more than any of its competitors, its Image Skincare,” says Williams. “They don’t rest on their laurels, or wait for competitors and customers to demand new products, instead they are constantly researching new ways to innovate, staying ahead of the trends.”

In the last three years alone, Image Skincare has developed or reformulated a total of 46 products! Here are a few of our most recent favourites…


The MAX Stem Cell Neck Lift

This ultra-firming neck and décolletage lifting crème targets sagging and lax skin, deep creases, wrinkles and fine lines. The MAX Stem Cell Neck Lift uses a maximum concentration of innovative peptides, combined with plant-derived stem cell technology, working together to increase skin elasticity while brightening, tightening and defining the neck and jawline. IMAGE’s exclusive Vectorize Technology™ delivers skin nourishment for up to 48 hours following the initial application, resulting in a long lasting, intense effects after each application.


Ageless Overnight Retinol Masque

This advanced fusion of triple action time-released retinol technology helps to increase firmness, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improve skin imperfections. Using its trademarked unique delivery system, the Ageless Overnight Retinol Masque allows pure retinol to be easily absorbed into the skin with less irritation and superior results. Formulated with water bank technology to continually release hydration, as well as marine collagen microspheres, this overnight masque delivers retinol deep into the skin while locking in nutrients.


NEW Ageless Total Pure Hyaluronic⁶ Filler

Plumping power without an injection! This concentrated topical filler contains six forms of lower and higher molecular weight hyaluronic acids to rapidly smooth away the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The time released hyaluronic acid acts like a sponge that locks in hydration into the skin and turns back the hands of time for immediate, noticeably fullness.



NEW Vital C Hydrating Overnight Masque

Beauty sleep now in a bedside jar, this overnight treatment is infused with a triple mineral complex to enhance skin tone and energise skin. The gel-texture delivers water to the skin whilst locking in vital nutrients while you sleep. Blue-green algae extract, a natural retinoid alternative, helps the skin appear smoother and diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, while hematite and malakite provides unique mineral radiance.



NEW Vital C Hydrating Water Burst Gel

Rejuvenate dry, tired skin with Vital C’s Hydrating Water Burst Gel. Bursting with brightening nutrients, Botox-like peptides and defensive polyphenols, the Water Burst Technology transforms the lightweight gel into a flood of H2O hydration for your skin, whilst also releasing a tide of antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and peptides to provide a youthful, radiant, healthier-looking complexion.



NEW Vital C Hydrating Antioxidant A C E Serum

The Vital C Hydrating Antioxidant Serum offers a concentrated infusion of three different forms of Vitamin C. Together with vitamins A and E, and a blend of plant antioxidants including green tea and Echinacea extracts, this powerful serum reduces the fine lines and dryness that’s associated with ageing. Blended together with Five Amino Acids to support collagen, and Red Rose Wine Complex to help fight the signs of ageing, the Vital C Hydrating Antioxidant A C E Serum is a potent multi-vitamin for your skin.

To find out more about Image Skincare's innovative vision and the accompanying cutting-edge skincare line, featuring over 460 active peptides, lightening agents, AHA/BHA's, retinols, vitamins and sun protective ingredients, call 1800 625 387 or visit

Eat Your Way to Healthy Skin


The power of nutrition to transform skin from within cannot be overestimated, says Janine Tait, founder of Bestow Beauty. Here, she explains why it is important for therapists and their clients to become educated in the holistic approach to treating problem skin.

When you run into a problem with your skin, what is the first thing you do?

Most women instinctively look for a new skincare product or treatment. While of course, the right topical skincare strategy is essential, it is still only half of the story.

A holistic approach to skincare is about considering the whole person and viewing skin as a reflection of your life. It is all about identifying and addressing underlying nutritional and lifestyle factors which are contributing to skin problems, and wreaking havoc on how the body feels. Quick-fix methods can often make temporary improvements, but from my experience, genuine skin transformation is only possible when you work from within.

Our skin needs a wide range of nutrients in order to thrive, heal and resist premature ageing. Dull, lifeless, inflamed or spotty skin are indications that your body is not getting enough of the nutrients it needs for optimal health, or that poor diet is actively working against a clear complexion.

As holistic skincare therapists, we need to tackle skin nutrition by following two paths. Firstly, we need to nourish the skin from within with the essential nutrients required for skin health. Secondly, we need to remove the food and drinks which inflame and aggravate skin. ‘Heating’ foods are a particular food group that must be addressed when working with those who struggle with inflammatory skin conditions like acne, rosacea, eczema, dermatitis or overall redness and sensitivity.

Avoid Foods that Heat the Skin

There are certain foods that can heat and inflame the skin from within, often causing flare ups of rosacea or breakouts. Common ‘heating’ culprits are caffeine, alcohol, and spicy food, but even strawberries and oranges can have an inflaming effect. Other major foods to avoid are chocolate, peanuts and curry. These foods are called vasodilators – ‘vaso’ referring to the blood and, and ‘dilating’ meaning to expand. They sensitise skin by increasing blood flow through the fine capillary system that feeds the skin cells. Obviously, this will exacerbate sensitive skin and cause it to immediately react.

  • Coffee
  • Alcohol
  • Chocolate
  • Peanuts
  • Chilli
  • Paprika
  • Curry
  • Oranges
  • Strawberries


The Bestow way of eating avoids all heating foods and uses healthy alternatives instead to nourish and support beautiful skin. If you want to overcome skin problems like acne, rosacea, dermatitis or congested skin, in addition to avoiding the above foods, you should also be looking for skin-friendly alternatives to reduce ‘flare ups’. Drinks such as herbal teas, dandelion or turmeric lattes are great alternatives to coffee.

Raw nuts such as almonds or Brazil nuts are an excellent replacement for salted peanuts, and less ‘spicy’ spices like cinnamon and ginger are great substitutes for chilli. Unlike other ‘heating’ citrus fruits (such as orange), lemons boost digestion and provide plentiful amounts of vitamin C, an important antioxidant that is vital for the production of collagen.

Bestow Beauty’s range of organic superfood powders, oils, herbal teas and recipe cookbooks are perfect for overcoming several skin problems. Each delicious, skin-friendly Bestow recipe avoids heating and congesting foods, and opts for soothing alternatives instead, focusing not on what you can’t eat, but what you CAN eat.

Like all wellness journeys, learning to work holistically requires change, patience and dedication in the beginning, but it is truly a beautiful way to live.

  • Herbal teas (without orange peel)
  • Dandelion or turmeric lattes
  • Kombucha
  • Medjool dates
  • Figs
  • Tahini
  • Almond paste
  • Raw unsalted nuts (almonds or Brazil nuts)
  • Fresh herbs and less 'spicy' spices (ginger, cloves, nutmeg, mace, cardamom, cinnamon, cumin, coriander and mustard seeds)
  • Dark grape juice
  • Lemon juice

Janine Tait is New Zealand’s leading dermo-nutritionist and founder of Bestow Beauty, which offers a beautiful range or organic super-food blends, recipes and rituals to nourish skin from within. She is also a respected leader within the Slow Beauty movement which champions a holistic approach to skincare.

For more information on Bestow Beauty call, 1800 625 387 or visit

Salon of the Month - Simply Laser


Simply Laser is a beautiful Medispa located in a discreet but central location of Brisbane CBD, Queensland. With their doors open for over four years, Simply Laser are devoted to providing their clients with the very latest and best technology in non-surgical cosmetic treatments and lasers, focusing their entire clinic philosophy around delivering the best they can to their clients with the highest-grade treatments and products. 

Simply Laser stock Image Skincare and heavily reps the brand in their clinic. After trialing and testing Image Skincare, salon owner Leona Gallagher new she wanted the range for her clients. “I had heard lots of great things about Image and I loved the company’s philosophy and the ingredients used in their products,” said Leona. 

What makes Simply Laser so special is their attention to every detail about their clients, using unique and specially tailored treatment approaches to each client to focus on their skin’s individual need.  

We provide every client with a complimentary skincare diagnosis and we tailor make a treatment plan for their specific needs” explains Leona. Their team also prides itself on exceptional customer service, ensuring they listen to understand expectations and talk through any concerns their clients may have.

As part of their marketing activities, Simply Laser recently held a huge VIP night, where clients could buy 3 products and get 1 free. They have also run several social media campaigns with a complimentary skin analysis and Image Peel as the prize to propel the reach of their salon into surrounding suburbs to Brisbane.

The results of these two initiatives have been “incredible”, says Leona. “Our sales increased during both promotions as we incorporated a lot of link selling with these clients in the months after, filling in the gaps in their skincare routine.” In addition to this, Simply Laser have also implemented a loyalty program for their VIP clients. Loyalty points can be earned by referring family and friends, birthday celebrations or for every dollar spent in salon and are redeemable on any product or service. 

When it comes to social media, Simply Laser are very active users, spreading the Image Skincare love to their 6000 + fan following. On top of this, they have been working closely with a number of social media influencers by performing Image Peels on them for their photoshoots.

Well done to Leona and her team for an amazing first year! We’re excited to be able to be a part of their success story and can’t wait to see how Simple Laser continues to grow. Congratulations on earning Salon of the Month!

Congratulations again to Simply Laser for being our PBS Salon of the Month!

Are you PBS’ next Salon of the Year?


Are you PBS’ next Salon of the Year?

For the third year running, we are hosting the night of nights for all our salon partners to celebrate an amazing year, and be fairly recognised for all the hard work, dedication and passion you put into your business.

The PBS Gala Dinner, hosted over the Beauty Expo Australia weekend every year, is a chance for you to not only be in the midst of hundreds of other salon owners, therapists and beauty lovers like yourself, as well as some of our international brand founders and educators, but PBS will also be announcing the Salon and Stockists of the Year, Marketing Excellence Award and Retail Therapist of the Year!


What each of our awards entails…

Retail Therapist of the Year.

Are you the therapist that cannot let their clients leave without the proper retail homecare and instructions on how to best take care of their skin and body? Do you regularly fill out your Staff Incentive Forms? You could be our next Retail Therapist of the Year! If you know one of your beauty therapists holds these qualities or you think you have what it takes to win, nominate yourself for this amazing award and become the second recipient in PBS history.

Marketing Excellence.

Are you using our Marketing on a Platter (MOAP)? And are you proactive in promoting monthly sales and promotions in salons? Your passion and dedication to the PBS brands will get you over the line with this award. Previously awarded to those salons that have shown incredible initiative in making their social profiles, in-salon displays and entire brand immaculate, nominate your salon to be recognised for your marketing and PR efforts throughout the year.

Stockist of the Year.

Are you dedicated to the brands you stock in salon, so much that you could call yourself a bonafide expert on every single product in the range? Do you succeed in representing the brand’s look, feel and results-driven philosophy in salon? Nominate your salon for our Stockist of the Year award, with 7 of our brands carrying awards on the night, including Youngblood, Image Skincare, Bestow Beauty, Pure Fiji, Sunescape, Body Sugaring & Cherry Blooms.

Salon of the Year.

Do you exhibit any or all of the above qualities in your salon? Nominate your business for the grand prize of the night, Salon of the Year 2018! Regardless of how many staff you have or treatment rooms are situated in your salon, if you have shown outstanding customer service, retailing, marketing efforts and client incentive programs to boost your business in the industry, you could very well be our 3rd Salon of the Year.

Nominate yourself and attend our cocktail party; Entertainment, 3 course sit down meal and drinks will be provided.

VENUE: Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour
DATE: Saturday 8th September 2018
TIME: 7pm | TICKET PRICE: $149
DRESS: Cocktail

Submit your nomination forms online or email to to be considered!

PBS Education at Beauty Expo 2018


The Sessions Not to Miss!

Are you coming to Beauty Expo Australia (September 8th + 9th 2018)?

Join PBS as we bring you industry leading professionals from world-class beauty and skincare brands from across the globe to speak at the Beauty Expo conference this year!

This year, we are lucky enough to have seven amazing speakers, both homegrown and from our amazing international brands, lend their expert knowledge and amazing know-how in the industry to the two-day event this September.

You will be privy to NEW trends and ingredient technology emerging in the beauty scene, hands-on makeup tutorials with Youngblood’s brand ambassador, Pedro at his first Beauty Expo, and business education that will advance your strategic marketing and financial woes to the next level!

Plus, our very own Matt Williams will be taking on ‘the fear of financials’, a unique session that cannot be missed if you want to become more profitable in the salon arena!


Dawn Clifford Bio Pic with background bw.jpg

Time: Saturday 10:00AM – 11:15AM
Speaker: Dawn Clifford, Senior Director of Education, Image Skincare

Join Dawn Clifford for an in-depth and advanced ingredient training. Dawn will be discussing the science behind the fusion of ingredients and delivery systems and how they help target results for specific skin condition. Dawn will also delve into topics including, the defense mechanisms that protect the skin, and the art of creating customised treatments and regimens that allow product to deliver results.


Time: Saturday 11:30AM – 12:45PM
Speaker: Janine Tait, Bestow Beauty Founder, dermo-nutritionist and beauty therapist

When it comes to anti-ageing, what your clients put on their skin is only half the story. Janine will shine a light on the science of holistic anti-ageing factors like skin nutrition, gut health, sleep quality and exercise choices. Learn how to support your clients to establish healthy life patterns and wellbeing rituals that will nurture healthy, youthful skin. 

MattWilliams-1 cmyk.jpg

Time: Saturday 1:00PM – 2:15PM
Speaker: Matt Williams, CEO of Professional Beauty Solutions

Want to take control of your salon and your business and guarantee growth? In this powerful session, Matt Williams will cover how to understand your numbers and finally take the fear out of financials, show you how to get your team aligned and grow your top line sales, and more importantly, bottom-line profits.

Matt will also walk you through the 5 steps to growth, including how to set realistic, but exciting goals, what impact that has on the business, how to make meaning of your profit & loss statement, and where to focus and what to do. He will then offer 2 powerful strategies for each of the 5 steps that you can implement immediately. Finally identify the top key performance indicators that will drive your salon results and boost team productivity, plus rethink your entire approach to retailing.

Dawn Clifford Bio Pic with background bw.jpg

Time: Saturday 2:30PM – 3:45PM
Speaker: Dawn Clifford, Senior Director of Education, Image Skincare

Dawn Clifford will take you on a scientific skin journey and uncover in-depth the ingredients that result in an undeniable and amazing change to your client’s skin. As the Senior Director of Education for one of the world’s most innovative skincare brands, Image Skincare, Dawn will detail the crucial steps to advance your peels and explain how to customise the right treatment plan to solve any clients’ issue.

Pedro Curiel_Youngblood.jpeg

Time: Saturday 4:00PM – 5:15PM
Speaker: Pedro Curiel, International Brand Ambassador for Youngblood

In this session, we will reinvent your definition of flawless makeup, from sheer to full coverage and show you how to use mineral makeup to adapt to your client’s skin needs. Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics’ International Brand Ambassador and resident makeup artist will redefine the concept of ‘less is more’ and explain how mineral makeup is the solution to adapting the skin-obsessed climate and meeting it in the middle with cosmetics that act as a second skin.



1-July 2013 Cindy Luken profile pic -001.jpg

Time: Sunday 10:00AM – 11:15AM
Speaker: Cindy Lüken, Lük Beautifood Founder

As consumers realise how the health of their skin is directly influenced by the nutrients that are available to them, Cindy – a successful food scientist and beauty & wellness expert – looks into the rise of the ‘Clean Beauty’ movement, and what your business needs to do to stay ahead of this leading trend. Lead a path towards a toxin-free industry by harnessing the power of food and nutrients as clean beauty alternatives in makeup.

Time: Sunday 11:45AM – 1:00PM
Speakers: Janine Tait, Bestow Beauty Founder | Cindy Luken, Luk Beautifood Founder | Sinead Roberts, Wotnot Naturals CEO | Dani Lombard, Founder & Director of Dani Lombard Public Relations
Moderator: Matt Williams

Brands that are taking on the rampant holistic epidemic are destined to come out on top in 2018. With the current industry climate’s fixation in beauty meeting wellness and sustainability, as well as ethical practices, consumers are realising the importance of not only making sure what we put on our skin is clean, but focusing on what goes into our bodies in the name of beauty as well as sustainable packaging.

Watch as this panel of experts take you through the key wellness trends and beauty buzzwords that cannot be ignored in 2018 and beyond.

Pedro Curiel_Youngblood.jpeg

Time: Sunday 1:30PM – 2:45PM
Speaker: Pedro Curiel, International Brand Ambassador for Youngblood

Unlock the power of minerals to camouflage problematic skin conditions such as rosacea, acne and eczema. Youngblood’s International Brand Ambassador will demonstrate a unique professional technique used by Youngblood makeup artists that shows the effective coverage capabilities of mineral makeup, camouflaging everything from major skin conditions to tattoos, birthmarks and post-operative bruising. Uncover why mineral makeup should now be considered an extra step in your skincare routine… the new 360 approach to a skin prescription.

Vanessa McDonald.jpg

Time: Sunday 3:00PM – 4:15PM
Speaker: Vanessa McDonald, Salon Marketing Coach Founder

In this session, Vanessa will discuss how to maximise and set a solid foundation for your annual promotional calendar and how to approach your overall marketing strategy from a more targeted position, including uncovering your KPI’s.

Vanessa McDonald is the Australian Beauty Industries Salon Marketing Coach with an obsession to turn beauty salon owners into savvy marketers. With 17-years’ worth of experience in sales and marketing specific to the beauty industry, she is a specialised Marketing Coach who works with full-service beauty salons to improve their businesses, specifically with the use of Foundation Marketing – the marketing that MUST happen in your business each and every day.

PBS returns to exhibit our collective of 11 brands, as well as providing world-class education, amazing brand offers and complimentary on-stand treatments. Lock in the 8th and 9th of September in your diaries!

Book your expo tickets now (early bird pricing available)!