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Congratulations to Melissa McColl and the team at Gusollios Hair and Spa for being named our Salon of the Month for February! Located in the country town of Young, NSW, Gusollios Hair and Spa specialise in providing professional hair and beauty services and only stock the best products to give Young and surrounding areas access to the best this industry has to offer! 

The salon has created a space that their clients can escape to a tranquil environment and state of relaxation. With three fully functioning treatment rooms upstairs (a Vichy shower, tanning/treatment room and pedicure room) with a makeup studio attached. Plus, hairdressing services and a downstairs treatment room, Gusollios Hair and Spa ensure that all guests can ‘have it all’. 

“We like to meet the highest of standards with our professional expectations”, explains salon owner, Melissa McColl. “Because of this we have created a clientele base which extends to surrounding towns and cities, including Canberra, Sydney and Wagga Wagga. Every day we welcome new clients and enjoy seeing all our existing clients who travel to see us.”  

Gusollios Hair and Spa have been proud stockists of Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics and Pure Fiji for over 10 years as well as Wotnot.

“Youngblood and Pure Fiji have given us the results our clients demand, this is why we have continued to stock both brands for over a decade!” Melissa explains. 

On how to excel in customer service, the team at Gusollios believe in 110% customer satisfaction and strive to meet the needs of their clients’ whichever way they need. 

“Customer service is a major part of our company, and when you love and believe in the products you have to offer to your clients our services become so much more”, Melissa declares.

What makes Gusollios Hair and Spa stand out from the rest of the salons in the area are their ongoing promotions, collaborations with local businesses and ‘added touches’ to the services they offer. These outstanding services have contributed in them being named a finalist in the Young & District Business Awards 2014 and the Winner of the 2009 Young & District Award for Trades and Services. 

“We love promoting Pure Fiji products through complementary hand massages during other treatments. This allows our clients to fall in love with the fragrances, textures and the richness of each product. We also love educating our clients on the benefits of Youngblood and how easy it is to create a range of looks. Most recently we participated and collaborated in a photoshoot where Youngblood was used to create the complete look. This is one of the many photoshoots our salon has been involved with” says Melissa. 
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Gusollios Hair and Spa has also found success in using PBS’ Marketing on a Platter (MOAP), using social media graphics to promote their products on social media as well as Youngblood 4 Minute Makeovers to upsell and introduce new products to their clients.

In addition to this, their biggest success of the year was the launch of the new Youngblood #ColorCrays Matte Lip Crayons. Their sales were so successful that they needed to re-order four times during the space of three weeks as stock was flying out the door! 

“Being a professional in our industry, it is important to ensure we give our clients the best service we can provide and offer the best products. This is the window of opportunity where it is essential to create a relationship with our client to give them the best results possible.” 

Congratulations once again to Melissa and the team at Gusollios Hair and Spa for your successful new product launches and services you provide to the clients in your area. Here’s to kicking more goals and continued success in 2018! 

Make Education your Top Priority this Year


There are New Year’s resolutions, and New Year’s resolutions. Coming into a new year can make you think about all the things you wanted to do in your salon and for your business, but inevitably can not always all get done before December comes around. To ensure that you do not break on your resolutions this year before the end of January, you need to push your career to new heights and discover once hidden prospects that will induce change in your frame of mind; education.

Education in 2018 is much more than writing notes on a page that you’ll forget to look at again or a demonstrated technique. It surrounds the determination, skill and personal motivation to further your business and professional development. Education now offers the freedom in the ever-changing world of the beauty industry to go with what you have felt and analysed to be the right move for your business, from experts and therapists alike.

As your clients are becoming more self-aware and knowledgeable about current trends in the industry, salon owners need to be 3 steps ahead at all times, ready to offer their clients exactly what they are looking for in the new world of beauty, skincare and wellness.

Reading up on blogs, articles, podcasts and following those in the know of the latest marketing, beauty and salon techniques to help your business grow is step one to achieving greater levels of knowledge in 2018. Your instant access to digital publications, apps and the realm of YouTube has seen a worldwide boom in opportunities for career growth and education.

Education does not stop at improving upon your skillset however. When in the beauty business, your job entails marketing, sales, profitability, systems, people, and most importantly, your mindset to make the entire machine work to please and retain your clients. You can become an entirely different, more aware and better-informed beautician through simple to complex education classes and webinars, and is a goal worth striving for in 2017.

Professional Beauty Solutions offers salons, clinics and spas the opportunity to take part in dozens of education, training and growth sessions throughout the year. Our 2018 goal is to provide more business and profit building tools than ever before. Through regular webinars, intimate training sessions with expert trainers, and our monthly MOAP Monday Facebook Live education events, 2018 is the year to make education your top priority.

8 Ways to Build Positive Word of Mouth for Your Salon

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Word-of-Mouth marketing is the most difficult to measure, but it's also the most cost effective because it costs you nothing.

Your customers are the best vehicle for positive word-of-mouth marketing, but how can you get them to talk about you?

Here are 8 ways you can help build positive word of mouth for your salon.

  1. Set the Atmosphere
    Use soft, fresh sheets; play relaxing music; and keep service areas organised and sanitised. Clients love familiar environments and will refer everyone they know because they’ll know you’ll take care of their referrals as you do them.
  2. Be Professional
    Make eye contact, greet clients by name, offer a genuine compliment, dress to impress and practice good hygiene. These small details show your clients you care about them.
  3. Read Your Clients
    Engage clients in polite conversation and ask about them—but don’t dig too personally. Conversations should be uplifting and never geared toward gossip or your clients will lose trust in you. Nix chatting if it seems like they want to relax or sleep. The more you do for them, the more they’ll refer you to others.
  4. Consult Positively
    When consulting with clients on lash or brow styles, never tell them they’re wrong, even if you disagree. Instead, let them know what your education and experience has taught you regarding what will complement their features.
  5. Be an Open Book (With Your Services) 
    Walk clients through the service, answer any questions they have and never talk down to them. Remember, some clients may be nervous or tense if this is their first time receiving the service.
  6. Respect the Clock
    Your clients’ time is precious, and disrespecting it can net negative word of mouth. Don’t be tardy, go overtime, or call or text clients off-hours.
  7. Create a Referral System
    Reward your clients for spreading the word with a referral system that garners them perks at your shop. Think: point systems toward discounted services or retail. The ‘If you scratch my back, then I’ll scratch yours’ mentality is always healthy in the artist/client relationship.
  8. Send Them Home With a Smile
    Never rush clients and always allow them to examine your work post- service. When your clients leave feeling confident and happy, they’ll keep coming back—and they’ll bring their friends.

Salon of the Month – Pearl of Beauty

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New doesn’t always mean small! This is certainly the case with Pearl of Beauty, which although it has had its doors opened for 5 years now, has recently been taken over by therapist Chantelle Kendall in June 2017, and has experienced great success with their loyal clients.

Situating in Port Pirie in South Australia, Pearl of Beauty’s warm and inviting atmosphere makes them the talk of their clients outside of the salon, and leaves them on the receiving end of hundreds of compliments surrounding their waiting room and staff, including four therapists; Ebony, Dayna, Nyree and Chantelle. Their salon community extends beyond a warm welcome to the many treatments they offer, including waxing, facials, massages, makeup and multiple peel treatments, giving their clients a one stop shop to feel relaxed and calm.

Among these treatments, Pearl of Beauty has stocked Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics for 6 months, and have since introduced Image Skincare into the mix to move forward their skin treatments with innovative ingredients and technologies.

“We chose Youngblood as it compliments great skincare and follows through with skin health by not using any nasties on the skin. We also chose Image as it allows us to achieve great results for clients from home as well. We felt there was a gap in the salon that needed to be filled and had heard amazing things with Image.” Explains salon owner, Chantelle.

Through introducing these two brands into their salon menu, Pearl of Beauty has seen great success among their clients. An increase in colour matching with Youngblood has seen their clients impressions grow as they are being correctly colour matched for foundation post-treatment. Their wide range of extensive facial and peel ranges due to stocking Image has also increased client satisfaction.

When it comes to their clients and fulfilling each request, the women at Pearl of Beauty believe treatments go beyond the product they are using. Great service, a dynamic environment and genuine care for everyone that walks through the doors are top priorities to Chantelle and the team.

“I am always reminding the girls to greet clients with a beautiful smile and happy attitude, we always take time and care with our clients and they become part of our little salon family!” Chantelle clarifies.

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The team at Pearl of Beauty also extended their services and A+ client satisfaction into events, holding a VIP night for Christmas. The event was a success, bringing in loyal and potential new clients, and even saw the launch of their new pink aprons during the Christmas period.

From all their new additions to their salon, Pearl of Beauty has seen a definite “increase in client satisfaction and a boost in both client morale to now have some new and exciting things in salon”.

It has also resulted in a huge boost in staff morale for new things to offer and have in salon, in order to achieve better results with their client’s skin.

Congratulations to Chantelle and the team at Pearl of Beauty for a fantastic 2017, and we cannot wait to see the journey and challenges you take on in 2018 for a successful year ahead!


If there is one thing that is just as important as having hard work and passion in your role as a beauty therapist, it is constantly educating yourself and your team on the how the industry is changing and evolving!

We have had a HUGE year bringing all our salon partners 8 FREE educational MOAP Monday Live sessions via Facebook, with huge success. We were also lucky enough to have special guests Vanessa McDonald (Salon Marketing Coach) and Daynah Hamilton (Studio Matrix) share their wealth of knowledge across salon marketing, and social media and give our salon partners the tips and tricks they need to help them become more profitable in the beauty industry.

View Part 1 & 2 of Matt Williams and Vanessa McDonald's live episode discussing how to retail your Christmas packs this season:

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