Salon of the Month - The Temple Skincare & Spa


Down by the pool of The Hill Lodge boutique hotel in Castle Hill, The Temple Skincare & Spa resides with one mission once you walk in the door, to give you a special spa experience that leaves you feeling pampered and tranquil.

“Everything we do at The Temple is aimed at exceeding every client’s expectations on every visit, our day spa packages are designed to alleviate stress and tension.”, The Temple Skincare owner, Rene Thorpe, says about her spa.

The Temple Skincare & Spa has seamlessly integrated the concepts of a nourishing day spa, and results focused medi-spa, to help their clients completely care for their clients, from offering serious results, alongside bringing about balance through relaxation, de-stressing and wellness.


With 15 years in the industry and through their holistic approach to skin, beauty and wellness, The Temple has been able to call their clients family. From those having a simple brow wax to a complete day spa ritual, everyone is accustomed to the special and personalised treatment The Temple provides.

“I believe our family culture is probably the most special thing about our business. What we as therapists can offer a client is so much more than a facial… it is a transformation of her soul where for the time she is in our care, she forgets all the stress and struggles of life, bringing about a deep relaxation she did not expect. What an honour!”

The Temple stock Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics, Dermalux LED, Bestow Beauty, Image Skincare, Sunescape and Cherry Blooms Cosmetics, to give their clients everything they need. With these brands, comes a lot of expertise and knowledge that Rene knows needs to be constantly updated and worked on, to bring her clients the best they possibly can.

“I emphasise education in my spa to raise the bar in our industry. We invest into training our staff and empowering them to be the best in their field.”

Rene maintains her commitment to training her staff by holding a ‘Style Session’ once a month in the spa for a specialist training session. “We normally focus on a specific skin condition or a treatment, and do the treatments on each other because you cannot give the love to your clients if you are never getting it yourself!”, Rene exclaims.

Along with their extensive sales and product training, and consultation meetings with their Business Development Manager putting them at the forefront of the industry, The Temple is also unique in their investment to bringing the latest technology to their clients to give them the results they deserve.

“We have 3 Dermalux LED machines in our business as they absolutely rock the results and the cash flow! Not one person that walks through our door doesn’t need the LED.”

The Temple Skincare & Spa follows the old saying, ‘if you don’t look after your customers then someone else will’, and encourage their clients to constantly give them feedback via an automated survey sent directly to their email once their treatment is finished, allowing them to act on any concerns or post any raving fan comments onto their social media pages.

Along with the promise to provide the best results, The Temple also runs a rewards program that allows clients to earn points for every dollar they spend and redeem on their favourite services. According to Rene, this program has been very successful and helps them to donate some of the percentage of profits to the Look Good Feel Better Foundation.

In recent years, The Temple has won several awards in their spa, including Winner of ABIA Beauty Salon and Business Owner of the Year in 2016, something that Rene and the team accredit to the brands they stock and the support and training that PBS provide.

“It is refreshing to have a supplier that has the knowledge to understand that supporting their clients and empowering them with the tools they need to grow is key. I have been in the industry for 25 years and there are few companies that supply this level of marketing and support to the standard of MOAP, along with the exceptionally skilled trainers like Denise.”

Congratulations The Temple Skincare & Spa for being PBS’ April Salon of the Month!

PBS Partners with the Bestow Sisterhood

Professional Beauty Solutions (PBS) is proud to be part of the Bestow Sisterhood - a collective of beauty therapists and business professionals throughout Australia and New Zealand who are creating a brighter future for girls in rural Cambodia.


As a professional beauty distribution company, we are passionate about women and wellness. But we recognise that while we are born into a land of opportunity, our sisters in Cambodia are born into poverty through no fault of their own.

We want to do our part to make the world a better place – for all women.

Through the Bestow Sisterhood, PBS now sponsors five girls in rural Cambodia who are cared for under the Cambodia Charitable Trust. We think of them as our little sisters.

We Are Supporting Five Little Sisters

For $40 per girl per month, PBS is changing the future for five young Cambodian girls by supporting their education. Girls who don’t go to school are vulnerable to sex trafficking or can end up married and bearing children at a tragically young age. Through education, our little sisters are protected and given the opportunity to develop a healthy, happy, purposeful life. This sponsorship allows our little sisters to stay to stay in school, with ample opportunities on their horizon. Click here to sponsor a child today.

Meet our Little Sister’s

What Else can you do to Help?  

Salons can also become part of the Bestow Sisterhood by stocking and selling Generositea – the official Bestow Sisterhood tea from the Bestow Organic Herbal Tea Range. This beautiful rose-coloured tea is an organic blend of lemongrass, peppermint, hibiscus, cinnamon and cardamom. All Bestow profits from the sale of Generositea go to support the work of the Cambodia Charitable Trust. 

About the Bestow Sisterhood

The Bestow Sisterhood is the charitable arm of Bestow Beauty, who bring us the beautiful recipe books and skin-food products to nourish skin from within.

Janine Tait, founder of Bestow Beauty has joined hands with her sisters, Robyn Fairweather (Bestow Beauty) and Denise Arnold of the Cambodia Charitable Trust, to create the Bestow Sisterhood. Professional Beauty Solutions is one of the many business’s (including Spa’s & Clinics) around Australia and New Zealand who have chosen to adopt a little Cambodian sister and support her education through Denise’s trust.

When we open our eyes and our hearts, we begin to understand that we are part of a global sisterhood. Every woman is our sister. We can help the woman down the street from us, and we can change the life of a girl in Cambodia who we will never meet. Both matter. We love to see women helping women, and we are grateful to clinics and their clients for being part of the Bestow Sisterhood.
— Robyn, Denise & Janine

For more information about The Bestow Sisterhood or to enquire about stocking Bestow Beauty in your salon or clinic call 1800 625 387 or click here.

The Bestow Sisterhood

How a growing collective of beauty therapists who believe in wellness for all women are creating a brighter future for vulnerable girls in Cambodia.


Bestow Beauty, a wellness company from New Zealand who are attracting attention for their skin nutrition products, recipes and rituals, has recently launched the charitable arm of their business, The Bestow Sisterhood, in Australia.

The Bestow Sisterhood is a collective of beauty therapists and skincare clinics throughout Australia and New Zealand who are changing the lives of vulnerable girls in Cambodia by sponsoring their education.

Launched in April 2017, the Bestow Sisterhood is a partnership between Bestow Beauty founder, Janine Tait and her sister, Denise Arnold, who founded the Cambodia Charitable Trust in 2008 after hearing about Cambodian children being rented out for sex by the week.

Over the last ten years Denise has changed the future for thousands of vulnerable Cambodian children by transforming schools and ensuring the poorest children are sponsored to attend. 

“Education is the greatest hope for fighting poverty and slavery, especially education of girls” - Janine Tait.

Girls who don’t go to school in Cambodia are vulnerable to sex traffickers or oftentimes end up married and bearing children long before their bodies are developed enough to cope with delivering a baby. Through the Bestow Sisterhood, salons can sponsor a girl’s education for $40 a month, which radically changes the life of that little girl and her family.

Janine Tait says she founded The Bestow Sisterhood because she believes in wellness for all women.

“My whole career has been about women and wellness,” says Janine, “But wellness ultimately needs to take us beyond ourselves - that is what true soul health looks like. The Bestow sisterhood is about women helping women; offering wellbeing to young girls in Cambodia who don’t have the privileges we have.”

Over fifty Cambodian girls have now been sponsored by beauty therapists and skincare clinics since the launch of the Bestow Sisterhood in 2017. “We think of them as our little sisters,” says Janine. “They are part of our extended family.”

Janine is inviting skincare clinics all over New Zealand and Australia to join The Bestow Sisterhood by sponsoring a little Cambodian sister for $40 per month. Sponsorship provides her with a school uniform and essential school stationary, access to health checks, food for her family, and a monthly contribution to family living costs to cover the loss of the child’s wage. 

Professional Beauty Solutions (PBS) have now sponsored 5 girls in Cambodia to help the young girls receive and education and build the skills needed for them to succeed in their rural town.

Click here to sponsor a child today:  

Salons can also become part of the Bestow Sisterhood by stocking and selling ‘Generositea’ - the official Bestow Sisterhood tea from the Bestow Organic Herbal Tea Range. This beautiful rose-coloured tea is an organic blend of lemongrass, peppermint, hibiscus, cinnamon and cardamom. All Bestow profits from the sale of Generositea go to support the work of the Cambodia Charitable Trust.

For more information about The Bestow Sisterhood watch here, or to enquire about stocking Bestow Beauty in your salon or clinic call 1800 625 387 or submit an enquiry here.

Salon of the Month - Pure Hair & Beauty Dalby


Based in the Darling Downs region of Queensland, Pure Hair & Beauty is one of Dalby’s most luxurious hair & beauty salons.

Pure Hair & Beauty prides itself on offering a complete experience and full range of services, allowing clients to be beautified from head to toe. The dedicated, fully qualified team specialise in makeup artistry, nails, hair styling, skincare, advanced skin treatment and spray tanning throughout the salons two beauty rooms, two nail tables and eight styling chairs.

Having first stocked Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics 4 years ago, salon owner Kerry Slee has since gone to add Image Skincare, Sunescape, Dermalux LED, Bestow Beauty, Body Sugaring Australia, Cherry Blooms and Wotnot to her salon’s offering.

Slee explains, “We wholly and completely trust PBS to source the best products for us. After stocking a few PBS brands, I never question when they bring in a new range. I know it is going to be of the highest quality and amazing!”

On how to excel in customer service, Kerry and the team at Pure Hair & Beauty believe in continuous education and training, ensuring they offer the very best in client treatments and up-to-date customer education. In addition to this, the salon always ensures their clients are happy with their service, treatment or products.

“We either call the client or ask them to fill out a survey for us” said Slee. “We always receive wonderful reviews!”

As part of their marketing activities, Pure Hair & Beauty gave all of their clients a complementary Dermalux Treatment gift voucher as a Christmas Gift. This was a huge success for the salon explained Slee, as the “initiative has increased re-bookings for all of our salon services as it encourages our clients to come in and use the Dermalux during the quieter months. It also gives us a chance to retail and cross-promote other services to them.”

Pure Hair & Beauty are also active users of Marketing on a Platter (MOAP), which allows them to easily run monthly and seasonal promotions in salon, via social media, and through email blasts to their customer database.

We are constantly changing our advertising material to keep the salon fresh and updated. We also send out emails on any specials we have, or new product launches. Our clients get excited about new products, plus it also creates great awareness of the services and brands available in salon” Slee explained.

Well done to Kerry and her team for their amazing results and client satisfaction! We’re excited to be able to be a part of their success story and can’t wait to see how Pure Hair & Beauty continues to grow.

Congratulations on earning Salon of the Month!

Salon of the Month - Gusollios Hair Studio & Spa

Congratulations to Melissa McColl and the team at Gusollios Hair and Spa for being named our Salon of the Month for February! Located in the country town of Young, NSW, Gusollios Hair and Spa specialise in providing professional hair and beauty services and only stock the best products to give Young and surrounding areas access to the best this industry has to offer! 

The salon has created a space that their clients can escape to a tranquil environment and state of relaxation. With three fully functioning treatment rooms upstairs (a Vichy shower, tanning/treatment room and pedicure room) with a makeup studio attached. Plus, hairdressing services and a downstairs treatment room, Gusollios Hair and Spa ensure that all guests can ‘have it all’. 

“We like to meet the highest of standards with our professional expectations”, explains salon owner, Melissa McColl. “Because of this we have created a clientele base which extends to surrounding towns and cities, including Canberra, Sydney and Wagga Wagga. Every day we welcome new clients and enjoy seeing all our existing clients who travel to see us.”  

Gusollios Hair and Spa have been proud stockists of Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics and Pure Fiji for over 10 years as well as Wotnot.

“Youngblood and Pure Fiji have given us the results our clients demand, this is why we have continued to stock both brands for over a decade!” Melissa explains. 

On how to excel in customer service, the team at Gusollios believe in 110% customer satisfaction and strive to meet the needs of their clients’ whichever way they need. 

“Customer service is a major part of our company, and when you love and believe in the products you have to offer to your clients our services become so much more”, Melissa declares.

What makes Gusollios Hair and Spa stand out from the rest of the salons in the area are their ongoing promotions, collaborations with local businesses and ‘added touches’ to the services they offer. These outstanding services have contributed in them being named a finalist in the Young & District Business Awards 2014 and the Winner of the 2009 Young & District Award for Trades and Services. 

“We love promoting Pure Fiji products through complementary hand massages during other treatments. This allows our clients to fall in love with the fragrances, textures and the richness of each product. We also love educating our clients on the benefits of Youngblood and how easy it is to create a range of looks. Most recently we participated and collaborated in a photoshoot where Youngblood was used to create the complete look. This is one of the many photoshoots our salon has been involved with” says Melissa. 

Gusollios Hair and Spa has also found success in using PBS’ Marketing on a Platter (MOAP), using social media graphics to promote their products on social media as well as Youngblood 4 Minute Makeovers to upsell and introduce new products to their clients.

In addition to this, their biggest success of the year was the launch of the new Youngblood #ColorCrays Matte Lip Crayons. Their sales were so successful that they needed to re-order four times during the space of three weeks as stock was flying out the door! 

“Being a professional in our industry, it is important to ensure we give our clients the best service we can provide and offer the best products. This is the window of opportunity where it is essential to create a relationship with our client to give them the best results possible.” 

Congratulations once again to Melissa and the team at Gusollios Hair and Spa for your successful new product launches and services you provide to the clients in your area. Here’s to kicking more goals and continued success in 2018!