Who is Professional Beauty Solutions (PBS)?

Professional Beauty Solutions is distributor of beauty brands to the professional beauty industry. We started with just Youngblood over two decades ago, today we distribute 12 of the world’s most impressive and innovative beauty brands, and deliver them along with exceptional service, training, marketing support and business education. 

Our mission is to help our salon partners build the most profitable businesses in the industry. 

We also know that because we can provide solutions for all areas of your beauty business, from advanced cosmeceutical skincare and internal skincare, to mineral makeup, tanning, body treatments, and even waxing and consumables, we are able to provide our salon/clinic and spa partners with a level of convenience no other company can. 

The beauty of this is that it means we can support even our smallest single operators to the same level as a multi-room clinic or spa. Typically, this isn’t possible if you buy individual brands from different companies, however because we can supply multiple non-competing brands, even our single owner operators have the potential to become a major account and have a big voice with PBS. It also means you can pool your rewards – things like our staff incentive program can be achieved across multiple brands, making it even easier for your teams to reach. 

Our Business Development team are not only educators and sales people, they are driven to coach our salon partners to grow their profitability. We have created detailed systems that our Business Development Coaches can take you through to identify gaps and provide solutions for every area of your business – from team happiness and retention, to marketing support, right down to understanding your profit per minute on your treatments and help with things like designing menus etc. 

We are your business coach, your brand coach and your skin health coach. 

At PBS, we take a complete 360 degree holistic approach to skin health, from what your clients put inside their bodies, to the skincare they use and treatments you can provide them, to the makeup they wear every day. We are able to address the entire picture, which again, is not something that any other individual brand can provide.

Key benefits when you partner with PBS

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A Pathway to Profitability

While we believe our brands are the best in their categories, delivering products to our salon, spa and clinic partners is just aspect of what we offer. At PBS, we go one step further by providing our partners with all of the marketing tools, education and business support they need to maximise profits and enhance their own business performance. 

It's a truly unique offering that includes consumer marketing, (point of sale, social media more and more) delivered to you on a platter, business building webinars and workshops and comprehensive masterclasses. We leave no stone unturned in providing you with the necessary tools required to not just run a small business, but to actually build one that's profitable and works for you. And best of all, you won't pay extra for any of these high-value services. It's just part of the complete solution that we deliver to our salon, spa and clinic partners.