Natural hair removal your clients will love

Body Sugaring is an age-old method of hair removal dating back to the Ancient Egyptians. Using an ALL NATURAL sugar paste, the sugaring technique is more gentle and less irritating and painful than traditional waxing, giving you a new treatment that your clients will even look forward to.

Your clients will love sugaring because...

  • It’s natural with no hidden nasty irritants 
  • It’s much less painful than waxing
  • Hair can be removed as short as 1.5mm long
  • Ingrown hairs are virtually eliminated
  • Safe to use on all skin types and conditions such as varicose veins, psoriasis and eczema-prone skin.

Your business will love sugaring because...

  • Sugaring will command a higher price as clients will pay more for a less painless experience
  • You will gain new clients - many clients who won’t wax love to sugar!
  • Save money on disposables with our patented
  • re-usable spatulas
  • Use less product - just one piece of sugar paste does one entire body part
  • Save money on cleaning (est $10,000 per year)

“After waxing for 20 years, I had my first ever Brazilian SUGAR experience. I couldn’t believe the difference. It was not only faster, it was less painful. I will NEVER go back to waxing”  - Bec

what our customers love about body sugaring 

I always say to clients who’ve never had sugaring before that going from waxing to sugaring is like going from shaving to waxing. It takes a couple of visits but the results are so good that ‘once sugared, never again waxed’. Our salon has always been a busy Brazilian waxing salon and now we are an extremely busy Brazilian sugaring salon. We are passionate about getting the best results for our clients as well as providing the best service. Sugaring is gentle and has the most effective hair removal due to the direction of hair removal and the cool sugar. There is no doubt, it is definitely better for our clients, better for the environment and better for our business.
— Danielle Singleton, Skinfit Body & Beauty
We love Body sugaring Australia because It’s natural with no hidden nasty irritants, it’s much less painful than waxing, Safe to use on all skin types and conditions such as varicose veins, psoriasis and eczema. Hair can be removed as short as 1.5mm long. Ingrown hairs are virtually eliminated.
— Kerry Slee, Pure Hair & Beauty
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I love sugaring because of the results! I’ve had clients who have been waxing for years and never get a smooth finish because of their thick, coarse hairs. After a few sessions of sugaring they finally got that silky smooth finish. Now myself and all of my clients won’t ever look back!
— Danielle, Trading Faces