Marketing on a Platter

Unparalleled Marketing Support

One of the biggest initiatives we support our salons with is a thing we like to call ‘Marketing on a Platter’ or MOAP for short. So what is MOAP? Well, each month we not only release specials for all our brands, we produce professionally designed sell-through marketing campaigns that assist you to grow your retail and treatment sales. 

We design posters, point of sale material, email newsletters, social media graphics for every campaign we create, and then we teach you how to use this marketing.

Our promotions will vary each month, sometimes it might be a direct reflection of a straight discount (eg 20% off an eye cream or a GWP), but we also work to create creative campaigns for your treatments as well. This is something else that makes MOAP unique.

An example of this might be that we do a volume drive, where you order a certain amount of a product and we give you 10 products for FREE. Then the sell through campaign we design might be something like “Book in for a series of 3 peels and receive X product for FREE”. 

We do this because we don’t just want to grow your RETAIL sales, we want to also assist in growing your TREATMENT sales as well. 

At PBS, we take a 360-degree approach to growing your business.

We also develop lots of generic marketing campaigns and artwork for things like referral programs, birthdays, competitions, EDMs, gift cards, loyalty cards, blog posts you can use on your websites for enhanced SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), images for social media, posters to display in your salon, product focused hotspots for your point of sale….. the list goes on. And this is created across ALL brands and updated every month (or every other month/quarter for smaller brands).

We then take all of this material – and there is now about 2 years’ worth of content that you can use, as well as fresh content every month, which we put on a fileshare platform which you can access anytime for FREE!!!! 

Finally, we provide online coaching for things like using social media to grow your business, to understanding your finances better so you can become more profitable.

No other company in the industry provides anything like this – and we have this available for EVERY BRAND we distribute!


See what our salons have to say about MOAP...

MOAP is extremely professional and easy for the salons to utilise. I have been in the industry for 25 years, and I can tell you that there are very few, if any, companies that supply this level of marketing and support to the standard of MOAP.
— Rene Herald, The Temple Skincare
As the owner of a busy salon, I have found stocking PBS brands has made my life so much easier. The ongoing support from them is unparalleled and their Marketing on a Platter allows me to be present on social media, without taking up extra time, that I just don’t have!
— Amy Marvelli, Body Wisdom
MOAP has been very beneficial for our business. We can run monthly and seasonal promotions with the MOAP and they look professional so our clients really take us seriously. This sets us apart from other salons in the area and creates a very strong presence for us on social media.
— Abbey Edwards, Abbey Edwards
Being a salon owner is not easy. Thankfully the team at PBS are always thinking of the business owners and how to make more profitable, and they’ve really made marketing so simple and easy by providing us with Marketing on a Platter. Each month, all our marketing is created for us! It’s easy to use and everything you could possibly need is right there - from social media graphics to posters and emails. I’m so thankful to PBS for making my life so much easier with MOAP.
— Lisa Fowler, Bella Spazio
We couldn’t live without MOAP! Thank you so much for introducing such a fantastic way of not only promoting the brands you provide to us but helping us to grow our selling and clientele.
— Aleshia Fowler, Saya Beaute' Bar
We use the MOAP system every month. Not only has it helped with promoting our brands but given us more time, as we don’t have to create our own promotions or design work. And the best part is that it is free, which is amazing! Our stands and displays look amazing, professional and consistent. Our retail sales have doubled!
— Toni Hilton, Beautiful You
I utilise MOAP every month in some way. The artwork is very professional and always looks great in the salon.
— Christine Ewart, The Beauty Spot Swan Hill
PBS have done all the hard work for us by creating all the marketing tools we need with Marketing on a Platter. Their talented graphic design team create amazing looking campaigns for us each month, including everything from in-store posters and counter displays, to social media graphics to e-newsletters we can send to our database. All the content is available at the click of your mouse. If you haven’t used MOAP then you don’t know how easy and professional your social media and marketing can actually look!
— Margaret Ottley, Ultimate Care Skin & Body Centre