Your Business Success with Angel Touch Beauty

Your success means everything to us at Professional Beauty Solutions. Rebecca Daniel, owner of Angel Touch Beauty, shares her journey with PBS and her own amazing story.


Tell us about your business:  
I have been the proud owner of Angel Touch Beauty for 13 years. I was working at a Sydney salon for nine months when my then-boss decided to sell. I had two choices, find another job or start my own business. So, I started up in a single room within a makeup studio, on a very low budget. I was printing my own service menus and handing them out between my few clients to grow my business. I did this every day until I was fully booked. Now, we have grown to six amazing staff, four fully functional treatment rooms, a spray tan booth, and nail area, located in Oatley, NSW.

What is unique or special about your salon?
The relationships we have created with our clients are what makes Angel Touch Beauty stand out. I want our clients to walk in and feel like they have known us for years. We love our clients and make sure they know it…from our loyalty rewards system, birthday gifts and even the way we greet them when they come in!

What PBS products do you currently stock? How long have you had them in your salon?
We stock the complete 10! Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics, Sunescape Tan, Image Skincare, Dermalux LED, Bestow Beauty, Body Sugaring Australia, Cherry Blooms, Caron Lab, Wotnot, and we are adding Pure Fiji to our body treatments.

Why did you decide to stock these ranges and what have been the results from working with these products in your salon?
We have stocked Youngblood for 10 years, and still love it! I had been looking for a mineral makeup range to introduce and one that ticked all the boxes - beautiful makeup, extensive colour palette, and products catering for all skin types. Youngblood was the answer.  Over the past decade, as PBS grew, I grew with them. I also loved the thought of offering Bestow to our clients whilst having their treatments and we literally can’t keep Image Skincare on the shelves, it walks out the door! We’ve also seen advanced results with every treatment through using Dermalux LED. Every brand we’ve added to the salon has extended our offering and our client experience.

Angel Touch Beauty

Angel Touch Beauty

What do you look for when deciding to stock/use a product in your salon?
The first thing I look at is the quality of products. I also find simple communication with the company I am dealing with essential, and will also look at what they offer in relation to point of sale and marketing support.

How important is education and business support to you?
Education and business support are paramount for me. My Angel Touch team attends as many training sessions as we can. I see a huge jump in confidence from my staff, services and sales afterwards. We cannot do our job without PBS’ knowledge and training. Their Passion-to-Profits seminars are amazing, I always look forward to them.

What has been your experience dealing with PBS? 
The support is incredible to help us learn and grow. I really value the relationship I have with PBS and it just keeps getting better, with them continuing to offer great products and training. Their educational seminars are all targeted at helping my salon grow, and we are thriving. The staff are great, our orders are at our door the next day and we have marketing ready for us on a platter. PBS ticks all the boxes for me.

What makes PBS stand out as a distributor in terms of the level of service offered to clients?
One of my favourite things about PBS is their Marketing on a Platter (MOAP). They provide social media graphics, e-newsletters, in-salon display posters, plus product images ready to be used. This is completely unique to PBS and a huge resource for my business. It saves me hours of work, lots of dollars and time that I do not have.

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