6 Reasons To Keep Your Team Well Trained

At Professional Beauty Solutions, we know that in order for you to compete in the changing retail and service environment, while also attracting and retaining great team members, you must offer them the opportunity to learn, grow and get better at their profession.


Take a look below at 6 top benefits of ongoing staff development:

1. KEEP UP WITH INDUSTRY CHANGES. The beauty industry is constantly changing, making it so important for a business to progress and evolve continuously to avoid being left behind. Beauty trends and protocols change endlessly so it is also vital to make sure your business is keeping pace with the latest trends and techniques through constant monitoring of your environment, and ongoing team training.

2. BE IN TOUCH WITH ALL THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENTS. As new technology and techniques are being developed all the time, running a one-off training session is no longer sufficient. Regular training needs to take place to ensure that staff are using all the latest technology comfortably and to its full potential. Keep tabs on the media and experts around you for hints of what is yet to come in the industry, from skincare to LED therapy.

3. STAY AHEAD OF YOUR COMPETITORS. Standing still can kill your business, so by making sure your staff are constantly advancing, you will continue to move forward and remain competitive within the marketplace. When your team has excellent knowledge of ingredients and their impact on the skin, they won’t just sell more, they will instill more confidence into your clients and improve their results with their ambitious outlook.

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4. MAINTAIN AND ADVANCE EMPLOYEE KNOWLEDGE AND SKILL. Although one-off training may be provided to new employees, it’s important that training continues to help develop skills throughout their career. To retain knowledge, skills need to be practiced and refreshed on a regular basis so elements are not forgotten. As famous author and speaker Jim Rohn said “repetition is the mother of skill,” so, follow-up training will make a huge difference to your clients’ experience and your bottom line.

5. INCREASE JOB SATISFACTION LEVELS. Through continued investment into your team, employees will have a heightened sense of job satisfaction, improving their motivation towards their work. This reduces employee turnover and increases productivity significantly, which directly improves the profitability of your business. Clients love consistency and a high staff turnover will also impact your client retention. Keeping your team upskilled also prevents competitors from taking away your best employees.