How to Turn First-Time Clients into Loyal Customers

Want to keep salon newbies coming back, and re-booking? A lot of it has to do with how you present yourself not only in store, but online as well. The best way to turn a first-timer into a loyal customer is to give them an experience that convinces them to come back.

This experiences starts from their first impression of you online, to the moment they step out the salon doors, making sure your salon space is clean and fresh, you have hired the right people, booking is easy and you continue to interact on social media.

  1. Your Salon.
    The top priority is making sure your salon is calming and inviting. What do clients see (and feel) when they first walk through the doors? Are there opportunities to improve your layout or delight clients that you aren’t taking advantage of? It is important to think about what your clients are looking for when they visit you, is it a respite away from home with a luxurious feel, or do you want them to feel homely and comfortable? Not only how the salon looks, but how it feels and smells also play an integral part into the experience. Things like music playing, the scents, complimentary drinks or special services that you provide entice people to come back to reap more rewards.

  2. Your Staff.
    Finding staff that have a true passion and understanding for not only the products and services you are offering, but the client’s needs as well, is key to running a smooth salon. Happy staff makes for happy clients in any situation, enjoying an extraordinary experience on both ends. The key is to hire staff that have natural customer service skills and passion. These are difficult to train so are integral to have. Promote your staff online by name so your client base gets familiar with faces and names, and teach your staff to also greet people by name when they come in the door

  3. Your Bookings.
    Booking appointments can be stressful at the best of times, and a big chore for many people. Making this process easy, and even online, is a sure way to get clients to re-book. Online booking systems avoid the phone-tag some stores play to get a hold of someone. This ensures the process is less stressful for the client and easier for you to track your available days and times. Convenience for them means more business for you, as well as the ability to track trends in bookings like popular therapists and services.

  4. Your Social Media Presence.
    From pre- to post-booking you should have a strong presence online for your clients. From researching your services to reviewing the treatment they had, make sure to keep the conversation going through social media. It is a great engagement tool for you to keep tabs on your clients and cutting through the noise of any other posts your clients are following. Post small bouts of information, humour, inspiration or create your own video content to share each day.