Why Aren’t Clients Recommending my Salon?

Not getting many recommendations, reviews and referrals despite doing everything right? This could be why.


Did you know that 84% of consumers say they either completely or somewhat trust recommendations from family, colleagues, and friends about products and services? Referring a business to a friend is the highest-ranking source for trustworthiness in a business, product or service, and is the number one thing you should be working towards developing!

What are you presently doing to encourage your current clientele to refer your business to friends, family and colleagues? Do you give out business cards, ‘refer a friend’ flyers, or do you rely heavily on word of mouth taking its course?

Often, salon owners can implement recommend a friend plans, and find they are getting little to no new clients in return. Why?

Firstly, do not stop your attempts after believing they are failing. It’s highly likely that they are not, but it is the execution that may be getting in the way! As the leader of your collective of therapists, make sure those referral cards are getting handed out to EVERY SINGLE CLIENT you are servicing, even the retail customers.

And simply placing them in their shopping bag isn’t enough to jog their memory later in the day to actually use the card! If you are not handing them out you are limiting your chances to marketing to new people and gain new client referrals. Push them hard, make sure you are handing it to them directly, and explaining exactly what it is so they feel encouraged to share around. Even just a simple addition to the end of your ‘goodbye’ spiel, asking them to refer you is a push in the right direction to getting recommendations.

But what if you are handing out material to encourage clients to recommend you to their friends and family, and still referrals don’t seem to be happening?

Your clients may not be telling anyone about you, but why?

If your salon is not giving an exceptional service to each and every one of your clients, that makes them laud you as they walk out the door, they simply may just not be remind themselves to recommend you. As you want your clients to speak highly of you and endorse you to their loved ones, a winning customer service attitude is what you need!

Every moment you spend with your client is an opportunity to create a positive experience, and one they will remember. From the moment they step in the door, to the second they leave, your client wants an escape from the every day, so give it to them. Chances are they will talk about you then!

Saya Beaute Bar provides a tropical oasis to their clientele, from the products they stock to the atmosphere they provide, while Bella Spazio’s presence in salon and online makes their clients feel like they are part of something special and exclusive.

As we know, word of mouth is one of the best ways to win new clients. Put yourself in your client’s shoes when it comes to recommendations. How good would your service have to be for you to mention it? MAKE your salon WORTH recommending!!

Ask yourself, “Is my salon offering a remark-able experience?”. Yes? Then your clients will remark on it. To their friends.