Trend Report: Micellar Water - The Biggest Skincare Trend since Makeup Wipes

If you haven’t already heard of this skincare craze taking the beauty industry by storm, where have you been? Micellar water is the most recent skincare triumph, revolutionising our daily skincare routines into a one-step, swipe and you’re done. But when something is as simple as swiping a cotton pad across your face, is there a catch? And what exactly is it we’re suddenly putting on our faces?

Micellar water is sure to remove every last bit of your makeup - winner!

Micellar water is sure to remove every last bit of your makeup - winner!

The formula in micellar water is made up of micelles, tiny molecules in the water, that act as a magnet for the fatty molecules on your skin, attaching to these elements as soon as it touches your skin. The water helps draw impurities from the skin, and works to remove dirt, grime, sebum and your makeup, leaving your skin feeling cleansed and hydrated, without irritating the face through vigorous scrubbing or rinsing. Its makeup dissolving efficiency, in the gentlest formula, has made micellar water a household name, with dermatologists, makeup artists and skincare and beauty professionals alike swearing by the product.

Fellow beauty lovers, micellar water is NOT a new thing! The formula has been around for a hundred years, originating in France after being designed to help Parisians cope with the harsh water supply. Surprising? Yes. But what is most annoying is that we had never heard of it before 2015. Clearly we have missed out on a lot of skincare-made-easy, but we sure are catching up now. When you walk down any beauty aisle, the stands are flooded with different brands boasting the effects of micellar water, and for good reason.

Forget rinsing - the most time consuming part of your skincare routine is no more...

Forget rinsing - the most time consuming part of your skincare routine is no more...

Here’s a list of reasons why we’ve made the switch:

  1. Versatility – makeup remover, cleanser, toner, purifier all in one. Suitable for all skin types, and particularly beneficial to those with oily or sensitive skin types, micellar water is simultaneously gentle and powerful, making it a go-to product to cleanse the skin. And forget owning five different products for your daily skincare routine, the effective molecules inside the watery formula act as a cleanser, toner, makeup remover and skin purifier all in one, cutting down your cleanse time significantly, morning and night.

  2. No damaging chemicals – The fact that most micellar waters on the market are soap-free, alcohol-free, fragrance-free, and are pH balanced, just makes this one of the best products out there. Its gentle solution simply clings onto the dirt and bacteria on your skin, and leaves it to melt away. This is a large step forward from the foamy, grainy solutions that only strip your skin back and leave behind harsh chemicals. No more pushing and pulling your sensitive skin around with this lightweight, calming formula.

  3. No need to rinse – Count us in… The most time consuming and dreaded part of your previous skincare routine was surely your need to rinse away the cleansers and toners you had just applied on your face. With this glorious invention, with an even better formulation, rinsing is no more! All that is needed for it to work is a few dabs of the water and a clean cotton pad, and the sins of the day are so easily removed.

  4. Replaces the controversial face wipe – If you’ve been using a pre-soaked makeup remover wipe (guiltily or shamelessly), here’s something even easier and significantly better for your skin. It is the new evolution of those controversial makeup wipes, in a skin-loving gentle formulation. If this doesn’t get you to change your tune when it comes to good skincare, we don’t know what will…

  5. Sure to remove every last bit of makeup – Micellar water is sure to get rid of every last bit of makeup residue on our faces that no other cleanser or toning product seems to be able to do. The fact that makeup artists and beauty editors have caught onto this trend, and simply rave about its magical* powers, highlights just how effective this water is in all aspects of skincare. And the rest is history…

*Does not actually contain magical powers