Salon of the Month - Beautiful Heart Salon

Beautiful Heart Salon (1).jpg

Beautiful Heart is a professional beauty salon located on the stunning turquoise coastline of Jurien Bay in Western Australia offering a range of treatments and beauty products. Priding themselves of their tranquillity and making people feel comfortable, offering high quality products to their clients matching any wallet size has been important to the owner and founder Tarryn Gill.

Since opening the beauty salon in 2014, Beautiful Heart have stocked the organic skincare line La Clinica and have continued to add more PBS brands to their offering as the salon grew.

I was introduced to La Clinica in my late teens with very sensitive and dry skin when I was unable to use any products because of my sensitivity and it became my savour, so it was an obvious choice offering La Clinica to my clients when I was setting up the salon.

Beautiful Heart believe every client should walk out the door both feeling and looking beautiful, which for Beautiful Heart is achieved by going the extra mile for their clients in their treatments and providing them with the best products available.

Her passion for high quality products and customer service has been Tarryn’s recipe for success which in turn supported by her return customers. She has also utilised Marketing On A Platter in order to create exciting promotional activities and increase retail sales proven to be very fruitful. By attending Passion to Profits Tarryn found inspiration to take her business up a notch being a perfect example on what can be achieved when using all resources given. Gill says, “the Passion to Profits event was very inspiring and I took a great deal away from the day.”

Offering PBS brands and utilising MOAP have for us resulted in an increase in sales and definitely client satisfaction and loyalty.

In addition to stocking La Clinica, Beautiful Heart are also offering the PBS brands Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics, Body Sugaring and Wotnot continuously adding to their treatment menu as products and treatments are being introduced to them by Professional Beauty solutions.

PBS is proud to have been able to contribute to Beautiful Heart’s success since the opening in 2014. With the assistance of world-class products and free monthly marketing materials (Marketing on a Platter-MOAP) allowing the highly skilled therapists to focus on what they do best.