Vitamin A Is In


Vitamin A has become known for its ‘normalising’ function and has been shown to reverse the signs of chronological aging (intrinsic) as well as environmental induced aging (extrinsic). When prescribing retinol, the first thing you should consider is your client’s skin health. If their skin is very unhealthy or stripped, the use of retinols can give them an uncomfortable reaction as the skin cannot tolerate these actives, especially when water levels are poor. You must first treat to restore health before you prescribe retinol.  

If the skin is healthy, it can still be necessary to build a client’s skin tolerance to  retinol, a factor that will differ depending on the skin condition being treated and the prescription you are recommending.  It is also important to give the skin a break from using retinol, ensuring that you reassess the client’s skin in 3 months after the first prescription. Pregnant women and women breast-feeding should not use products containing Vitamin A.


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