Passion to Profits 2.0 Wrap Up


Passion to Profits 2.0 is an annual educational conference hosted by PBS to celebrate the passion for the beauty industry and provide world class education to their stockists. This year Professional Beauty Solutions flew in the best experts from around the globe to create 13 amazing sessions. Our P2P conference and gala dinner was a massive success, with many highlights and amazing lessons that our loyal salons took away from, as well as enjoying a little bit of fun and mingling in the evening.

PBS provided its' salons, spas and clinics the opportunity to give their business a boost with our all-encompassing event; attendees gained valuable industry insight to a better and more profitable understanding of the brands and their products with the founders and international experts in a motivating workshop environment.

“I am feeling privileged to be a part of the PBS family. Their customer service and delivery of training as well as promptly delivering my parcels is above and beyond other companies in the same business. I found all sessions [at Passion to Profits] I attended to be highly informative, entertaining and kept me wanting more." - Janine Cox, Secret Beauty

We would like to thank our international guest speakers and founders for travelling down under to help make our conference the success it was. Huge thanks to Louise Taylor (Found of Dermalux LED), Jellaine Dee (Founder of Cherry Blooms), Janine Tait (Founder of Bestow Beauty), Dawn Clifford (Corporate Educator at Image Skincare), and Daniel Chavez (Global Corporate Trainer for Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics) for their amazing insight, inside tips and tricks and genuine excitement at being a part of the first ever Passion to Profits event!

Relive the highlights of the weekend, or check out what you missed, with our quick and easy recap…

Image Skincare

IMAGE’s Corporate Educator Dawn Clifford took the audience on a scientific skin journey and uncovered in-depth the ingredients that result in undeniable and amazing change. As one of the world’s most innovative skincare brands, Dawn explained how to customise the right treatment plan to solve any client’s skin issue.


Dermalux LED Light Phototherapy

Louise Taylor, co-founder of the multi award winning Dermalux LED Light Therapy, showed the audience the latest generation in LED Phototherapy. With clinically proven wavelengths and no downtime required Dermalux LED Light Therapy has taken the beauty world by storm. Attendees got to learn the ins and outs of phototherapy, and even had the chance to win a Dermalux machine themselves!


Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

All the way from the USA, Youngblood’s global corporate trainer had two interactive sessions where the audience could see, touch and smell why Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics is the world’s leading mineral cosmetics brand. With his bubbly personality and humour, the audience gained new knowledge about how to invigorate their makeup routines for themselves and their clients, and some ab-work after all the laughter.


Bestow Beauty

The newest addition to the PBS range created a lot of excitement among attendees. Janine Tait, the founder and owner of Bestow Beauty, graciously flew over from New Zealand to introduce her beautiful brand and educate the PBS community about the benefits from treating the skin from within. Janine schooled us and salon owners who attended on why Dermo-Nutrition can’t be ignored when treating skin conditions. With over 30 years’ experience Janine captivated the audience with her wealth of knowledge.



While the audience was sipping on chocolate and fruit covered coconuts, Matt Williams explained why Sunescape is the go to tanning brand for Australia’s number 1 tanning salon. And how could you resist the amazing tanning display we had on show?


“An amazing couple of days, have left feeling extremely motivated, inspired & ready to promote more products & create more. Very professionally run! Amazing work.” - Kristen Duggan, Chateau Elan Day Spa

Cherry Blooms

From weekend market stalls to taking on multinational beauty heavy weights, Cherry Blooms founder Jellaine Dee’s climb to the top has been both rapid and unconventional. In this inspiring session Jellaine shared her story and gave her expert advice on what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur.


Body Sugaring Australia

With a live demonstration and in-depth explanation of the proven benefits of Body Sugaring Australia the audience could see first-hand how using sugaring is less painful for the client and highly profitable for the salon.


Down to Business

Social Media is one of the most powerful marketing tools of today, when used right. In this session CEO Matt Williams and Senior Marketing Strategist Vanessa gave a practical and interactive presentation about incorporating marketing into the salons daily tasks to increase salon traffic and customer loyalty. Matt Williams, CEO of PBS demonstrated where most business owners fail to make money and showed salon owners steps on how to uncover new profit centres in their business to make more money in less time.

“We got a lot of value (& fun) out of Passion to Profits! Can’t wait to see what it delivers next year.” - Lisa Fowler, Bella Spazio

And our amazing gala dinner and awards night kicked off without a hitch! Salon owners, clinic teams, and the PBS staff joined in one room to celebrate the amazing efforts of our gorgeous and dedicated stockists! Congratulations to the Stockist of the Year winners and runners up, and to you all, this night was for you!

"On behalf of Lisa, myself and our team, we would like to thank you for attending the Passion to Profits 2.0 educational conference, we couldn't have been more pleased with the result. You all know that our goal is to provide world class brands along with world class education and training and we want PBS salons, spas and clinics to be the most profitable in the industry. After speaking to many of you over the weekend, I really feel that we are delivering on our promise. We hope that you were inspired and entertained and we can't thank you enough for your support, your enthusiasm and your kind words of encouragement and commitment to our mutual goals. Thank you again and we can't wait for our next event, we promise to make it bigger and better than ever." - Matt Williams, CEO, Professional Beauty Solutions

How to Take your Instagram Feed to the Next Level in 5 Steps

Instagram currently has 1.59 billion monthly active users. Yep, you read right. That’s a lot of people that may stumble across your salon’s feed! With the popularity of Instagram as a source of contact for business and salons alike, it’s time to make your Instagram account the best it’s ever been.

You don’t need to be a professional photographer or have an expensive photo room to create beautiful imagery to use on your salon’s social media. With the right light, a smartphone, and a bit of creativity you are good to go! Professional Beauty Solutions will give you five key tools on how to create beautiful Instagram photos so pretty even the biggest magazines will envy it.


Use a clean background.

It’s important that your picture is not too ‘loud’. Take out excess items and keep the background as clean as possible. A simple white backing works well. Or how about taking on the marble trend that’s going nuts everywhere at the moment. We found this cheap option selling at Kmart for $29. The marble tones gives off a luxurious feel, perfect to showcase your makeup and skincare products. Another perk; it’s small enough to be stored away when you don’t want to use it.

Shoot in natural light.

The beauty of natural light (besides being free!) is that it brings out the best in your photo. Colours and details will pop and enhance the contrast in the picture. Long story short: daylight is best. The best time to take a snap is either in the morning or afternoon as the midday light can be too harsh. Try taking a photo close to a window or go outside on an overcast day to take advantage of the best natural light.

Here's another example on how light can make a HUGE difference by The Frow...

Have a theme.

Whether is a specific colour or a specific filter, having a consistent theme makes your Instagram feed look very professional and appealing. Making your Instagram feed harmonious will only benefit you, and people looking at your feed might just hit that follow button. Here are our examples:

Photo credit: Nuts and Blueberries

Photo credit: Nuts and Blueberries

Photo credit: Mikutas

Photo credit: Mikutas


Worry about the amount of likes.

Creating a fantastic Instagram is what you have set out to do, and that’s great! But so many businesses and Instagram users become too concerned about the amount of likes their awesome flatlay gets. Post photos that are good and say something about your salon, not what you think will garner the greatest amount of attention. Yes, you want to gain new interest and maybe new customers, but don’t sacrifice the loyalty of your existing clients to become ‘insta-famous’.

Post for the sake of posting.

Creating content for the sake of posting something is not a good way to start your Instagram success. Work to make quality images for your loyal clients, understanding what they would want to see, and what you want to post. Take the time to edit your images in their best light, and engage with your clients, to make your feed a reflection of your salon image.


If you would like to learn more about how to use Instagram and other social media platforms to increase engagement and drive traffic to your beauty salon you can attend our social media session at Passion to Profits 2.0 this Saturday.

And remember that we are doing Facebook LIVE every Monday to give you the hottest trends and best marketing tips to take your business to the next level. Exclusive to PBS members only.


The Chateau Elan is an elegant day spa, with stunning treatment rooms set in the heart of the Hunter Valley region. Offering the ultimate in relaxation, luxury and care upon arrival by their highly qualified beauty therapists – who have a passion for skin, health and beauty – The Chateau Elan Day Spa provide a variety of luxurious treatments from massage and body treatments to specialty facials to treat their clients.

“Whatever your beauty needs we have the treatment to suit,” says salon owner Kirsten Duggan, “We believe it is essential to deliver the utmost highest level of customer service”. And in order to deliver this level of service and concern for their client’s needs, the Chateau Elan Day Spa stocks the best beauty products on the market.

The Chateau Elan Day spa stocks Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics, Sunescape and Wotnot, trusting that they not only make their clients look and feel good, but truly treat the skin as well, delivering the best results.


“Our manager used Youngblood and Sunescape previously in her salon and is extremely passionate about the products and the results they deliver.”


Duggan explains, “Youngblood is packed full of pure minerals, Vitamins and anti-oxidants that deliver amazing results and success stories for all clients”.

In order to get their loyal clients hyped up about the introduction of Youngblood into their spa, the Chateau Elan Day Spa held a VIP night, performing 4-minute makeovers on their clients. The range of cosmetics quickly became popular among their clients after the overwhelming success of the night, with as Duggan says,


"Many clients are spreading the word of love of the products and encouraging family and friends to come to the spa to have a 4-minute makeover”.


With the power of word of mouth, the quality of the products they offered, and the highly qualified and passionate staff behind the scenes, the Chateau Elan Day Spa saw sales increase on the VIP night, but also in the aftermath, as clients spread their love for Youngblood and the spa far and wide.

Duggan points out that the entire Chateau Elan Day Spa team “all now use and recommend the products knowing that Youngblood is the best mineral makeup on the market, giving superior coverage but most importantly packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants”. A true treat for their client’s skin.

Well done to the Chateau Elan Day Spa and the team for their amazing results and client satisfaction! We’re excited to be able to be a part of their success story and can’t wait to see how the Chateau Elan Day Spa continues to grow. Congratulations on earning Salon of the Month!

Has your salon found success using PBS products and MOAP? Share your story, tips, and tricks with us, and you could be featured in an upcoming Salon of the Month!