Video Marketing and How it Can Benefit your Salon

Video marketing is huge. Creating interesting and fun video content today is quickly becoming one of the most important strategies in your marketing plan, with Facebook’s 4 billion daily video streams having anything to say about it. Whether your forte is Facebook Live, Snapchat, Insta stories or fully fledged YouTube videos, simply said the content you need to be creating and promoting for your salon is video.

Not only are Facebook’s news feed videos gaining more daily minutes watched than any other platform (including YouTube), but video has also taken over Snapchat and Twitter.


Firstly, YouTube is essentially where it all began. Every day people have create careers on YouTube by filming themselves doing something that people will enjoy watching, like discussing their monthly beauty favourites and creating makeup tutorials. This is a massive avenue for salons to leap and take hold of, as therapists not only have immense amount of skill and knowledge that viewers will want, but it acts as a promotional service for your salons and what you offer. Our favourite marketing guru, Gary Vaynerchuk even says that “YouTube is a library of content, 300 hours’ worth of video content are pushed to YouTube very minute”. And it is religiously watched by some of your potential clients.


As you know, Facebook is the leader of all things social. For reaching your clients and potential customers on a large scale, Facebook is key! But not only does Facebook Live work to get people watching and engaged, consider investing small amounts into video ads for your salon that show people what you are all about. Right now, Facebook’s infamous algorithm is focusing heavily on videos, organically improving your reach through these posts. In addition to this, you can target your videos about your latest services and promotions available specifically to; people in your area, people who love beauty salons, have a disposable income for pampering treatments, and so on. Automatically you have gained an audience you may not have reached before and they are already interested, WIN.


Instagram’s new video capabilities, including Insta stories, has changed the way people use the platform. How often do you now find yourself watching the stories of the Instagrammers you are following? Video on Instagram is much more social than it used to be and is great when connecting and engaging (pulling) with your followers, rather than just pushing and promoting. The ability to reply to stories with a video of your own or create an Instagram Live is personal, visual and engaging.

Time for you to kill it at video and become the ultimate marketing machine. Which video platform is your favourite to use?