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Salon of the Month - Saya Medispa

Congratulations to Aleshia-Ann Fowler and the team at Saya Medispa for being named our Salon of the Month for January! Located in the Morning peninsula of Victoria, Saya Medispa specialise in providing all beauty and spa services from basic waxing and tanning to manicure and pedicures, as well as offering advanced facial treatments and full body treatments.

Saya opened 5 years ago with 2 therapists and 0 clients. Today, they have 5 staff members and a database of over 3,000 clients which continues to grow each day! Saya Medispa believes that their experience and relationships they have with their clients is what sets them apart from other spas.

“Our client’s comfort and experience are our main priority, ensuring each treatment goes above and beyond their expectations” states salon owner, Aleshia-Anne Fowler. “Saya has a distinctive essence when you walk into the salon. Clients enjoy visiting us even if it’s just for a wax, as they are still in an environment that’s relaxing and welcoming. Many clients say “I feel like I am in Fiji when I am here” and this is exactly how we want them to feel…relaxed and as if they are somewhere other than just another local salon.”


Saya Medispa currently stock the majority of PBS brands since initially taking on Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics in 2013. They are also stockists of Sunescape, Pure Fiji, Body Sugaring Australia, Bestow Beauty, Wotnot Naturals, Caronlab, Cherry Blooms, and have just recently taken on PBS’ two newest brands – LUK Beautifood and ECOCOCO.

“We started off with just stocking Youngblood and Pure Fiji and our love for all the brands PBS stock just grew. Each brand PBS introduces I have to get my hands on and try. We are always trying to keep up to date with the latest trends in our industry and we believe that PBS provides us with ALL of the information we need to be able to provide the best possible treatments and products to our ever-growing clientele.” explains Aleshia.

Saya Medispa continues to grow their clientele with loyalty programs, customer feedback and their VIP shopping nights. They have held two events this year where they offered 20% of their entire retail stock, with selected stock reduced even further. “We found that clients purchase more products and try more products than they have ever tried before. Each client spends a minimum of $150 and we are getting at least 15-30 clients visit these VIP Shopping Nights. These nights have been a major success as we have more and more clients making repeat purchases after trying and falling in love with new products they might not have tried otherwise.” said Aleshia.

On top of an already big year for Saya Medispa, they received “Pure Fiji Stockist of the Year – Runner Up” at PBS’ annual awards night in September. They are also a major sponsor for Mikaela-Rose Fowler who is the current Miss Intercontinental Australia 2018.

Saya Medispa has also found success in using PBS’ Marketing on a Platter (MOAP), using social media graphics to promote their products on social media as well as Youngblood 4 Minute Makeovers to upsell and introduce new products to their clients.

Pure Fiji PBS.jpg

Congratulations once again to Aleshia-Ann and the team at Saya Medispa for the incredible services and VIP nights you provide to clients in your area. Here’s to kicking more goals and continued success in 2019!

Salon of the Month - Body Central Lifestyle Centre

front of house.JPG

Situated in Osbourne Park, north west of Perth, Body Central (BC) is a unique concept for the Australian health and beauty market! The brain child of Tony and Jody Robson, Body Central has been a solid presence in the heath, fitness and wellness industry for over 25 years, and together with its specialty fitness classes and health and nutrition coaching program, they now house a state of the art skin clinic which specialises in delivering the latest evidence-based treatments.

In short, Body Central’s purpose is to provide a world-class holistic health environment supporting its clientele in achieving their ‘whole of body’ objectives,” explains Jody. “These services are innovatively delivered through a range of packages which are entirely flexible for our clients to choose from.

Body Central currently stock a number of PBS brands including Image Skincare, Dermalux LED, Sunescape, Caronlab and Wotnot to give their clients everything they need, from a healthy faux glow to clinically-based results.

“We did extensive research during the fit out and creation stage. I spoke to nearly every skin company over an eight-month period, trialed their products, then I started to investigate other areas such as company support, profit margins, promotions and marketing activity. Image Skincare was by far the best decision we’ve made. The product suits our client base and the results we are seeing are fantastic,” says Jody.  

In addition to skincare, Body Central offer a large range of wellness products in their retail space, to cover both internal and external skin health. They also have a health coach onsite to offer lifestyle and nutrition advice.

Body Central look after their clientele by combining value added packages across their fitness and skin clinic. By combining skin and fitness in the one program they are able to reach a wider range of clients who wouldn’t normally frequent their skin clinic, making it the ideal induction to the additional services they offer.

We have a great 8 Week ‘New You’ program which includes fitness, wellness and skin. This program is like a transformation package and at the end of it the client receives one Image Skincare Facial and then a Dermalux LED session the following week,” explains Jody. “The program has been very successful and has increased sales both in the clinic and with Image products.

The team at Body Central frequently use MOAP as part of their social media campaigns to promote their strongest treatments, Dermalux and Image Skincare. They have also hosted a number of book launches for ‘Gut Health Guru’, Lee Homes, to keep their clients informed and educated about the importance of taking a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. With clients raving about the launches, Body Central are now hoping to add more events to their 2018 calendar.  

Congratulations to the team at Body Central for the incredible hard work you put into your lifestyle centre every day. Here’s to your continued success in the future.

Salon of the Month - Abbey Edwards


Abbey Edwards are the beauty experts of Hamilton, Victoria. Established as a salon since April 2015, the Abbey Edwards team specialise in bridal and event makeup, and their talents speak for themselves.

Abbey is the owner and manager of Abbey Edwards and has over eight years’ experience in the industry.  Having worked in other hair salons, spas and clinics, Abbey felt it was time to embark on her own journey and opened her sophisticated salon in 2015. Today, Abbey Edwards now has 3 therapists.

The boutique beauty salon has grown from one treatment room with lots of space, to three treatment rooms and a tanning room which is bursting as the seams with their loyal clients! As the business continues to successfully grow, Abbey hopes to expand to a bigger premises, but still keep the private, professional and calm environment that they have created, and that their customers have come to love.

Abbey has worked with Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics for over 5 years after falling in love with the makeup range while working at a previous salon. When she opened Abbey Edwards, they needed a makeup brand that could create special occasion and bold makeup looks, while still being kind to the skin.

I trusted that PBS only distributed the most prestigious brands so it was a no brainer for me to introduce Youngblood and other PBS brands as my salon grew.

The Abbey Edwards salon now specialises in makeup, with Youngblood being their preferred choice for all bridal and event makeup, skincare treatments with Image Skincare as well as stocking Sunescape, Wotnot and CaronLab Wax. During wedding season, you are guaranteed to see a wedding party booked for all these services, as they are the leading beauty salon in the area when it comes to brides and special events.

“We have set ourselves apart from other salons in the area as we have a high standard of professionalism, and offer high quality treatments and products. The salon is always well presented, clean and we are constantly changing the decor and in-salon marketing to keep clients interested and excited to see what has changed or what is new!” explains Abbey.

At Abbey Edwards, they understand the importance of customer service and the ‘WOW factor’ experience. Their professional team of beauty therapists continuously connect with their clients to ensure they are 100% happy with their personally customised treatments. Plus, all staff are educated on all the treatments that they provide, even if not all therapists perform the treatments.

Even the small things like asking questions, talking to our clients, being well presented and friendly are the key elements to great customer service!

What also makes Abbey Edwards salon stand out from the rest are the VIP days they run, including look & learn sessions with Youngblood. “We found this very beneficial as we have gained ongoing clients who buy Youngblood products, but are also now regular clients who have skincare treatments.” Abbey said.

They are also active users of Marketing on a Platter, which allows them to easily run monthly and seasonal promotions.

We love using the MOAP posters around the salon which gets clients talking, and the social media graphics are the best. This really sets us apart from other salons in the area and creates a very strong presence on social media.

With exceptional beauty therapy and client care at their professional clinic, it’s no wonder Abbey Edwards was a finalist in the “Best Service Business” category in the Local Business Awards last year. Abbey herself has also recently done makeup for a local TV advertisement, advertising Greater Hamilton, which will be aired in the next few months and on YouTube! 

Congratulations to Abbey and the team at Abbey Edwards for the amazing service you provide to the clients in your area. Here’s to your continued success in the future.

Get your Skin Ready for NYE

New Year’s Eve marks the end of the festive season, and the entire year, so may as well go out with not a fizzle but a bang! End the year in style with flawless, glowing skin with our 4-step guide to your NYE prep:

Step 1: Hair removal

Whether you live religiously by hair removal, or prefer to go au naturel, we know this is a very important step in many women’s big event prep. Feel smooth, hairless and refreshed in an instant with no hidden nasties or irritants to your skin, ready for the rest of your evening routine. Professional Beauty Solutions offers Body Sugaring Australia – all natural sugar paste hair removal, known to be less painful than waxing – and Caronlab waxing to salons to ensure all clients have their hair removal of choice when preparing for their New Year’s Eve.

Top tip: Make sure to wax or sugar 24 hours before big events, especially if you intend to have a spray tan. This ensures your hair follicles return back to normal after hair removal.

Step 2: Exfoliation

Hair? Gone. Skin? Smooth. What’s next? Exfoliation… Make sure to buff your skin to perfection, ensuring dull surface cells, dirt and oil is scrubbed away. Exfoliation helps improve your natural cell turnover, generating fresh and healthier layers of skin, meaning your skin is left looking radiant and smooth. If you don’t have time to drop by the beach and use the earth’s natural exfoliant (sand) that gets everywhere, try out Sunescape’s Exfoliating Body Polish, or Image Skincare’s Body Spa Exfoliating Scrub, for that smooth as a dolphin feeling…

Top tip: For best results, use an exfoliating mitt to gently scrub any dead skin cells or self-tan residue off your skin. Try Sunescape’s multi-purpose Tan Removal Mitt.

Step 3: Tanning

Time to glow. NYE isn’t NYE without a flawless, streak-free tan that glows and glows and glows all night long. After you’ve prepped your skin through exfoliation, you have a flawless surface to glide your self-tan mousse (or spray tan) to create an even, bronzed tan. Sunescape’s tanning range of professional and home use tan is the perfect solution to your quest for NYE ready skin, hydrating while you tan, giving you a long-lasting, incredible smelling tan that will make people ask if you’ve been on holidays. Try Sunescape’s Hydrating Instant Self-Tan Mousse in Month in Maui for an instant deep bronze.

Top tip: – Don’t forget to moisturise those rough skin areas like your knees and elbows, wrists and fingers to avoid a tanning faux pas. Overly brown hands and elbows are not the look to go for on New Year’s Eve.

Step 4: Makeup

The hard yards are done, and now it’s time to kill it in the makeup game. For a look that says ‘I’m ready for the best NYE night’, pack a punch with your makeup, from a smoky eye to a bold, vibrant lip that will last several drinks, and maybe a NYE smooch… We recommend Youngblood’s golden ‘Gilded’ eyeshadow, bright matte red ‘Fever’ lipstick to last you the night.

Top tip: Prime, prime, prime! Using a good base primer like the Mineral Primer will ensure your makeup stays exactly where it’s supposed to… on your face. By the end of the night, you won’t have to keep taking ‘bathroom breaks’ to check where your makeup’s at.

CARONLAB Wax Now Available at PBS

Caronlab Australia waxing products are now available for purchase through Professional Beauty Solutions! The introduction of Australia’s number-one selling professional wax has filled a gap in our suite of world-class brands, allowing us to fulfil all your key salon needs.

Welcome to PBS, Caronlab!

Welcome to PBS, Caronlab!

We know one thing for sure when it comes to hair removal: WAX is still KING and it is here to stay! That's why we're excited to be able to simplify the ordering process and create a true one-stop shop with everything you need, thanks to our new addition.

How much of your salon’s profitability is derived from waxing? For many of you the answer is a lot. And since it’s our mission to make PBS salons the most profitable in the industry, it only makes sense that we can offer you Australia’s No. 1 wax.
— Matt Williams, Professional Beauty Solutions CEO

Since 1979 Caronlab Australia has been delivering superior waxing products. More than just wax, Caronlab embodies knowledge, reliability and performance, making it the number one choice in professional hair removal.

Beauty therapists worldwide insist upon Caronlab Australia's superior salon waxes and accessories. It is the dedication to therapist and client satisfaction that has seen the brand become Australia's leading salon wax manufacturer, continually setting the salon standard to which others strive.

And with the addition of the brand new, super-generous rewards program - ‘PBS Rewards' - salons can earn rewards for their business through their professional wax purchases. These rewards can be redeemed towards ANY other PBS brands you stock.

So make the switch today and wax your way to more rewards with PBS - YOUR COMPLETE SOLUTION.

Check out some of the Caronlab Australia products we got NOW: