The most rewarding marketing you can do for your salon

Email marketing is known to drive more sales and bookings than any other marketing activity you undertake. Targeting your clients, both potential and existing, right from their pockets, their handheld devices is not only easy for the client to see and click onto, but it is a sure fire way to consistently double, even triple, your sales.

Your social media, combined with your consistent email marketing should be working hand in hand. Creating a great digital strategy that suits your needs and wants, as well as the clients’, then your salon will be reaping the rewards!

Simply put, if you are looking to increase bookings and sales, having an appealing and visually stunning email newsletter is by far one of the most lucrative activities you can undertake.

First things first, how often do you currently send out email newsletters to your mailing list of clients? If the answer is anywhere between never and rarely, it’s time to change tactics. Commit to sending out an enticing email at least monthly, preferably 2-3 times per month, depending on how many brands, services and treatments you want to market.

But, it’s not just about sending the email, or getting your emails opened. It is about selling your clients on why you are a good idea, encouraging them to click, call and book.

If your clients aren’t clicking ‘book now’, or even opening your emails, this could be a case of lack of an attention grabbing subject line, which compel your customers to open your email. This needs to be stunning from the moment they glance at the email notification, making them interested in knowing more about what you want to say.

We have 4 simple ways to immediately grab your client’s attention, compel them to learn more, and ultimately turn that interest into a sale:

  1. Peer pressure.
    Customers don’t like to miss out on current trends or popular treatments, and social proof is a HUGE way to entice them to book on a whim. Social proof provides credibility and drives your customers to want something even more because everyone else is doing it or getting it.

  2. What’s inside.
    Get your customers guessing so they simply MUST open your email to know what’s going on. For example: “have you heard the latest trend in facials?”. Every salon customer will want to know what’s new in your salon, and their interest will likely turn into a read email and subsequent service booking.

  3. Hot spot specials and money saving deals.
    No client can resist an incredible deal, like a free gift with a treatment, or even an incentive to book. For example, “call to book today and receive a free serum upon arrival at your appointment”. It’s simple and it’s effective.

  4. Do it now.
    Limited offers, only 7 appointments left, and bonus deals are all a great way to compel your customers to take action, and take it now. If you create scarcity in your services, it not only makes you seem highly in demand, but your customers will also have the urgency to book or buy