The Most Wonderful Time of the Year… For Selling Retail in Salon

As much as you are excited for the holiday season, and might feel like winding down as the year comes to an end, the Christmas period is often the busiest time for salon’s retail sales, whether you usually sell loads or not.

Clients you may not have seen in month suddenly reappear to buy those products that they love for someone else, or are keen to snatch up an easy but beautifully packaged Christmas pack gift set. And here is where you come in… successful retail sales in this period start with great visual merchandising (and of course products your clients will love)!

We’ve got the packs sorted for you (remember to get in quick, there are VERY limited quantities), now it’s your turn to sell more and more retail products in the busy coming weeks. Here are our tips and tricks to guarantee to drive your Christmas retail sales through the roof:


  1. Eye-catching retail displays, window displays
    Make it easy for your clients to shop in your store, and they will soon turn from browsers into buyers. Be bold with your displays, and arouse their interest by pointing out new stands and display sections in your store, motivating their need to buy there and then.

  2. Avoid confusion by communicating mixed messages
    Don’t put one item exclusively on display without explaining why this product is so valuable. This is the same for multiple items on stand. Something like focusing on ‘Stocking Fillers’ for those smaller retail items will catch the eye of clients looking for easy on the wallet presents, sending the message of easy buying.

  3. “Eye level is buy level” – This is a rule that supermarkets take to the next level, and can work just as effectively for salons. Place your most expensive and appealing items at eye-level, along with specific retail marketing signs. This works!

  4. Colour can affect what sells – Think about the product’s packaging and how appealing it looks to your clients potentially looking for an impulse buy. Red is dynamic and evokes festive feelings around Christmas, while soft pink and lavender shades become more attractive to women salon clients.

  5. Target your clients at the checkout – Last minute buying behaviour is dangerous (guilty as charged…), but something that is worth remembering when visually merchandising your retail products. Supermarkets put those small, but tempting items like chocolate bars and gum by the checkout to entice further spending. Pop ‘last minute Christmas gifts’ on the desk, and see them get snapped up in no time.

  6. Slap signs on everything – Display signs are beneficial when showing the price, and especially the savings. Customers love to know how much they’re saving when they buy a gift pack, prompting them to make additional purchases.

  7. Create a comfortable atmosphere – Introducing a comfortable, homely atmosphere to your store will create the perfect purchasing environment for Christmas shoppers. Target their senses with candles, a creative festive playlist, a tidy store (and NOT dusty products), and strung up lights to really add that extra oomph to your store, encouraging clients to stay longer and browse what you have on offer. This almost always inevitably ends in a purchase.

Remember that most people are visual learners; you can achieve so much with your retailing when focusing on what appeals to clients and you, as a salon owner. The easier it is to shop at your salon, the more they are likely to spend…

And, our Image Skincare, Youngblood, Pure Fiji, and Sunescape Christmas gift packs are extremely limited, so get in now before they are all gone!!

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