What is the Digital World Doing to your Skin?

While we all love a good selfie, and can’t get enough of the joys of scrolling through Instagram, can there be such a thing as too much digital dependence?

Credit: Professional Beauty

Credit: Professional Beauty

Essentially, we are spending more time looking at our screens than we do sleeping now, what a comparison!

We champion the idea that social media, and the digital arena is fantastic for your business, as this is simply where the world is living, no doubt about it. But with the growing popularity of staring at a screen for a generous part of the day, comes with some side effects.

Studies have shown that too much exposing your skin to smartphone light and electromagnetic radiation can damage your skin cells and encourage early ageing. Some dermatologists find that the light emitting from the screen can be harmful to your skin, but don’t worry, you have to be using your phone a LOT to show significant signs of damage.

But we’re not just blaming our digital devices. Increasing environmental threats are working to speed up the ageing process, including pollution and sun damage, which can be more harmful to you and your clients’ skin.

What’s the solution? While some believe there is a gap in the market for products and services which protect the skin in this way, but there have been massive advancements in the way of skincare technology and salon machinery that can target skin damage of all types and forms.

One huge leap forward in repairing damaged skin and increased ageing, is LED light. The light emitted from phone and computer screens has a wavelength of 380-500nm, making it a short, high energy wavelength, while the light-emitting diode wavelengths that are found in Dermalux range from 415nm to 633nm and 830nm.

The Dermalux LED phototherapy has the ability to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, inflammation, contains powerful antibacterial properties and actively rejuvenates the skin, things that smartphone light seemingly adds upon.

Time for your clients to undergo a digital detox, and go under the Dermalux.