Your Key to a Hydrating, Bronzed Tan

The key dilemma when searching for the perfect tanning solution that is natural looking, long-lasting, smells great, and not drying, is... does it even exist? It seems that most tanning brands have some but not all of these qualities, making them less than satisfying for salon therapists, mobile spray tanners, and the clients getting the tan!

Sunescape is your ticket to a natural, post-holiday glow. The lush coconut vanilla scent, ultra-hydrating - the solutions are enriched with vitamins, antioxidants and hydrating oils - and long lasting formula was the perfect solution to the saturation of the tanning industry.

With 3 simple bronze shades; Weekend in Bondi (light), Week in Fiji (medium), and Month in Maui (dark), your tanning experience is turned on its head, for a spray tan that doesn't look like a spray tan...

Week in Fiji

Month in Maui

Sunescape Tan is formulated to give you a natural looking and feeling tan. They provide salons and consumers with a safe, ultra-moisturising bronzed glow; one that smells amazing, fades evenly, and is long-lasting. The proprietary formula is certified approved natural DHA, not tested on animals, and free from alcohol, parabens and petrochemicals.

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