Why Mineral Makeup is Better for You

One trend that just keeps on growing is mineral makeup. In recent years, the demand for such cosmetics has been driven by the increase in consumer knowledge and the demand towards natural products that use as little artificial ingredients as possible (as well as being cruelty free).

True mineral makeup like Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics is free from synthetic and potentially irritating ingredients commonly found in traditional cosmetics on the market. But the benefits don’t stop there… find out why more people are making the switch to mineral makeup.

  1. Great For Your Skin
    The main benefit of using mineral makeup is that it’s great for your skin. Simply applying it feels better and higher quality than other makeup out there. Mineral cosmetic brands such as Youngblood, do not contain talc, fillers or synthetic ingredients like alcohol, artificial fragrance, mineral oil, or petroleum that can clog pores and prevent the skin from breathing naturally.

  2. Perfect for Problematic Skin
    Mineral foundation is the best foundation to combat a slew of skin problems. Not only is it kind to sensitive skin and allergy prone skin, it’s also non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t block pores (thank goodness). Without looking heavy, Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics cover almost every distraction. For people who suffer from rosacea, their inflammation can be covered effectively in minutes and the redness will not rear its ugly head. This benefit is also enormously valuable by dramatically improving the appearance of those suffering from acne and other skin conditions.

  3. Ultra-Lightweight
    Traditional makeup usually contains additives and fillers which can cause it to feel heavy or uncomfortable on the skin. From the moment you brush on a luxurious loose mineral powder you’ll notice the incredibly silky feel and a polished, natural finish. Clean and lightweight, it allows skin to breath and is non-comedogenic. Even with Youngblood’s flawless coverage, you’ll feel like you’re wearing no makeup at all. And unlike other mineral cosmetics, Youngblood never looks ‘glittery’, ‘flat’, or ‘powdery’; instead, you’ll radiant a natural healthy glow.

  4. Reduce the Appearance of Fine Lines
    Because mineral cosmetics reflect light (like millions of tiny diamond mirrors), it obscures the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin easily radiates a natural and healthy glow, resulting in a younger-looking, flawless complexion.

  5. Sun Protection
    Minerals naturally provide sun protection, keeping skin healthy and youthful. The number one ingredient in Youngblood's Mineral Foundation is titanium dioxide, a natural sun protectant that physically "blocks" UVB (burning) and many UVA (aging) rays. Titanium dioxide tends to be better tolerated by most skin types because chemical filters used in chemical sunscreens can be irritating for many people. Youngblood doesn't assign a Sun Protection Factor to its products. However, in laboratory measurements, the loose and liquid foundations are comparable to a minimum of SPF 15.
    Note: Do not rely solely on any foundation from any brand to protect you from the sun. A sufficient SPF in your moisturiser or sunscreen should be worn every day.

  6. Not All Mineral Makeup is Created Equal
    It’s important to remember that not all mineral makeup is created equal. Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics only use the purest, most premium grade minerals. They refine their minerals using their proprietary milling process. Although many mineral lines claim to be “jet-milled” or “triple-milled”, not all milling processes achieve superior results and, oftentimes, result in potentially dangerous ultra-fine particles known as nanoparticles. Youngblood does not use nanoparticles in its formulas.

When comparing, and searching for the best mineral makeup lines, always check for synthetic ingredients such as alcohol, artificial fragrance, mineral oil, talc or petroleum. Talc is a filler, and can block pores, dry out skin and cause irritation. Youngblood products do not contain talc, or any other fillers. Instead, they use rice starch as a healthy alternative to talc and various botanicals and vitamins to create our safe, effective formulas.

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