6 Dangerous Sunscreen Mistakes

With skin cancer on the rise in Australia, it’s more important than ever to get smart when it comes to sunscreen. Protect yourself by checking out these common mistakes that you may be making with your sunscreen.

  1. I Don’t Need Sunscreen Because I Need the Vitamin D.
    It’s true. Vitamin D is essential as it absorbs calcium and promotes bone growth. But you can get a sufficient amount of Vitamin D by spending only 10-15 minutes in the sun. It’s not worth foregoing sunscreen, as most people don’t apply enough to prevent the product of Vitamin D anyway.

  2. One Application Last an Entire Day.
    One application in the morning isn’t going to last you throughout the entire day. If you are swimming, playing sports, or spending the day out in the sun, then your sunscreen should be reapplied approximately every two hours.

  3. I Don’t Need Sunscreen Because I have Dark Skin.
    While people with more pigment in their skin do have a lower risk of getting skin cancer, they are not completely immune. As a matter of fact, skin cancer can be ever more dangerous for those with darker skin as it’s often diagnosed in the later stages.

  4. A Base Tan Protects Me.
    A tan is your body’s reaction to UV exposure. It’s a sign that damage has already been done, and this does not protect your skin from further damage.

  5. I Only Need To Protect My Face.
    Many people only apply sunscreen to their face in order to protect it from premature ageing. While this is a good habit, the truth is that you can develop skin cancer anywhere the sun touches. Don’t forget your neck, hands, legs and feet not only for the sake of protecting your skin from cancer, but protecting those areas from premature ageing as well.

  6. I’ll Be Inside All Day.
    While windows do block the more intense UV rays, it still allows enough rays to pass through to cause damage. You can easily swap your everyday moisturiser with Image Skincare Prevention + Daily Hydrating Moisturizer with SPF.

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