8 Salon Tanning Marketing Ideas

@th_makeup_artistry client wearing Sunescape Month in Maui spray tan

@th_makeup_artistry client wearing Sunescape Month in Maui spray tan

With summer in full swing, and the upcoming heatwave weekend in Sydney tomorrow, your tanning business is likely pumping out some bronzed and beautiful ladies. But that doesn’t mean you can stop marketing the service!

Many tanning salons have established a good base of customers, but these marketing ideas can help your tanning business grow and reach new potential customers all the way into the colder months.

  1. Set up monthly tanning plans.
    Offering people value in return for them signing up to a monthly tanning plan. You can provide free tanning sessions a month when they sign up with a makeshift ‘contract’ allowing them to find the value in returning to your business, and you to get the customer on your database to further digitally market to them through emails and SMS bursts. Even though your investment might be small, the outcome for gaining a customer might be huge.

  2. Provide new customers with enticing gifts.
    Giving a first time or relatively new customer a customised gift bag with samples of retail products you have in store, like Sunescape’s retail range, will make them return to your salon, guaranteed. Sampling is a small expense and the gift bag shows the client’s that you care about them and your business. When they run out of their sample, they’ll come back to you…

  3. Offer incentives to repeat customers.
    Providing regular tanning customers with incentives that will keep them coming back and giving more value to their tan could drive new memberships to your salon. Using a referral program with your existing customer base, and rewarding them with a free month of tanning or a free gift of tanning mousse, will give them something they really want (value) and something you really want (more customers)!

  4. Loyalty Programmes.
    Like above, customers respond to enticing incentives. Start a loyalty program that provides free products or services once a customer reaches a certain number of spray tans or purchases over a certain predetermined amount in store. It could be 5 tanning sessions until you receive a free spray tan, or committing to a few months on spray tans to receive retail products for free (or discounted).

  5. Take advantage of social media to create offers and value deals.
    Put all your highly valued offers for spray tans onto your social media pages to people that do not follow you or aren’t current customers might be tempted to participate in your services. Social media is a gold mine for customer reaching out to businesses and asking questions about their services. Post specials and availability bookings on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and even utilise other sites like Pinterest to reach even more people with your value offer.

  6. Create monthly campaigns.
    With Sunescape, your marketing campaigns and ideas are done for you, with social media graphics and email newsletters created for you to push out to your audience. Publishing a monthly campaign theme on social media or your website so they can enter a contest or go into the draw to win a small prize in return for handing over some personal information (obtaining email addresses to go into your database). People will like your Facebook page for the chance to gain a small reward.

  7. Involve yourself with the customer and community.
    Get involved with your community and target market to that people know who you are and what you offer. Community involvement will get you new exposure, while creating something a potential prospect will consider invaluable will allow you to become a go-to tanning source in your community, and they’ll come to you to get their tanning needs met every time.

  8. Keep your contact means up to date.
    One of the most important things in the beauty industry is being easily contactable by various methods of communication. This means you need to have an always answerable phone, current email address and even an online chat or online forum that potential customers can ask questions and book themselves in for a spray tan. And always add new content to your marketing approach every day, whether it be a blog post, website update or social media exposure. An outdated site immediately puts off customers from continuing their research into your salon, and they may go elsewhere. Being contactable means being visible, and you will even get higher rankings on search engines with your fresh content.

Sunescape Tan is formulated to give you a natural looking and feeling tan. They provide salons and consumers with a safe, ultra-moisturising bronzed glow; one that smells amazing, fades evenly, and is long-lasting. he proprietary formula is certified approved natural DHA, not tested on animals, and free from alcohol, parabens and petrochemicals.

To enquire about becoming a Sunescape salon or for more information, call 1800 625 387  or visit www.sunescape.com.au