Social Media Marketing Tips For your Salon


If you have been an avid viewer of our Profit Advantage exclusive MOAP Monday live sessions, you know that social media is KEY to the success of your salon. From communication with loyal clients to engagement of new people, it is guaranteed that social media (and the dozens of platforms available today) will be integral to the continuation of your thriving business.

Social media is an incredible way to engage with potential clients, spread more awareness about your services, and garner more brand loyalty among customers by backing up what makes you and your salon unique and interesting. It is crucial that businesses know how to connect with customers that they will enjoy, and that will eventually benefit your business.

We’ve listed 3 huge tips to help you transform your salon’s social media strategy:

  1. Post exciting, yet professional content – What you post should entice your customers to need more interaction. Make it engaging and interesting, by providing them with a new source of information (perhaps even exclusive information to your followers). Remember to stick to your brand image by posting photos and information that aligns with what you wish to communicate, such as a fresh modern appeal or classic images.
    Tip: Create your own clean graphics with beauty tips or hot salon deals using sites like Canva, Photoshop (for those tech-savvy ladies), or even 6 second videos presenting some exciting news. This creates content that is interactive and appealing to your target audience

  2. Use Facebook as a key communication channel – Facebook gives you the perfect way to share services, exclusive offers, sell your products, host contests and giveaways, as well as communicate with your target audience. It is rare that you find a customer without a Facebook profile these days, so take advantage of your new found world stage. Post plenty of pictures of your services and before and after shots to present exactly what you offer clients (pictures are 120% more likely to engage users than simple text posts).
    Tip: Treat your page as a miniature website, customers should be able to find all of the information they are looking for within the first few minutes of landing on your page. Make use of the various page tabs to show your products, location, services and reviews. And boost this information with targeted Facebook ads, looking at those located near your salon, or those who like similar pages on Facebook

  3. Showcase your work on Instagram – With more than 200 million users in 4 years, Instagram is quickly becoming one of the biggest social platforms out there. Treat the highly visual Instagram as a showcase of your work with pictures showing a variety of your work, results, services, as well as fun creative photos that rake in the likes. Newly added Instagram stories are an awesome way for you to really take your clients behind the scenes of what you do and why you love it, bringing in added personality that other social medias do not have.
    Tip: Stay on trend using trending hashtags and feel good posts like quotes and appropriate memes to draw more users onto your profile and find out more about your salon. And don’t forget to link your Instagram to your Facebook as a ‘business’ profile for more contact options for customers.

These tips and strategies will push your salon to gain new customers, and retain those customers through brand loyalty. The importance of an interactive relationship with your followers has never been so profound, so hopefully it is your time to jump on board.