How to Take your Instagram Feed to the Next Level in 5 Steps

Instagram currently has 1.59 billion monthly active users. Yep, you read right. That’s a lot of people that may stumble across your salon’s feed! With the popularity of Instagram as a source of contact for business and salons alike, it’s time to make your Instagram account the best it’s ever been.

You don’t need to be a professional photographer or have an expensive photo room to create beautiful imagery to use on your salon’s social media. With the right light, a smartphone, and a bit of creativity you are good to go! Professional Beauty Solutions will give you five key tools on how to create beautiful Instagram photos so pretty even the biggest magazines will envy it.


Use a clean background.

It’s important that your picture is not too ‘loud’. Take out excess items and keep the background as clean as possible. A simple white backing works well. Or how about taking on the marble trend that’s going nuts everywhere at the moment. We found this cheap option selling at Kmart for $29. The marble tones gives off a luxurious feel, perfect to showcase your makeup and skincare products. Another perk; it’s small enough to be stored away when you don’t want to use it.

Shoot in natural light.

The beauty of natural light (besides being free!) is that it brings out the best in your photo. Colours and details will pop and enhance the contrast in the picture. Long story short: daylight is best. The best time to take a snap is either in the morning or afternoon as the midday light can be too harsh. Try taking a photo close to a window or go outside on an overcast day to take advantage of the best natural light.

Here's another example on how light can make a HUGE difference by The Frow...

Have a theme.

Whether is a specific colour or a specific filter, having a consistent theme makes your Instagram feed look very professional and appealing. Making your Instagram feed harmonious will only benefit you, and people looking at your feed might just hit that follow button. Here are our examples:

Photo credit:  Nuts and Blueberries

Photo credit: Nuts and Blueberries

Photo credit:  Mikutas

Photo credit: Mikutas


Worry about the amount of likes.

Creating a fantastic Instagram is what you have set out to do, and that’s great! But so many businesses and Instagram users become too concerned about the amount of likes their awesome flatlay gets. Post photos that are good and say something about your salon, not what you think will garner the greatest amount of attention. Yes, you want to gain new interest and maybe new customers, but don’t sacrifice the loyalty of your existing clients to become ‘insta-famous’.

Post for the sake of posting.

Creating content for the sake of posting something is not a good way to start your Instagram success. Work to make quality images for your loyal clients, understanding what they would want to see, and what you want to post. Take the time to edit your images in their best light, and engage with your clients, to make your feed a reflection of your salon image.

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