My Bestow Story | Ashleigh Scott

Ashleigh Scott is a talented young therapist who is using her rising influence within the beauty industry to promote and discuss the values of Slow Beauty, and nourishment from within. Treating skin through skin-focused nutrition is an important part of the ethos at the Ashleigh Scott Facialist clinic in Auckland.

Ashleigh has been part of the Bestow community for the last two years, and raves that it has completely changed the way she works with her clients.

Bestow seemed the perfect way for us to introduce [skin nutrition from within] to our clients.

Bestow seemed the perfect way for us to introduce [skin nutrition from within] to our clients.

Ashleigh, why did you choose to stock Bestow?
At the time I was only working topically with clients through skincare products and treatments. I know I was missing half the picture by not working internally but I didn't really know how to go about introducing a 'skin-nutrition from within' approach. With their skin-food products, healthy recipes and wellness rituals, Bestow seemed the perfect way for us to introduce this aspect to our clients.

What difference has Bestow made?
Bringing bestow into the clinic and working with [founder] Janine Tait has completely changed the way we treat out client's skin. We are able to work a lot deeper and get results that we never could before. The knowledge and tools we now hold on skin nutrition has been huge for us and made our jobs so much more exciting and challenging.

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What do your clients like about Bestow?
They all like that all the products are easy to use and they have a significant impact on their skin.

How does the bestow range help your clinic to provide a 'Slow Beauty' approach to skincare?
We are all about working with the skin, not against it, and taking a holistic approach to skincare. I have treated enough skin disorders to know that what you apply to the surface of your skin isn't enough to create great lasting results. For us, working from all angles is crucial in changing our client's skin.

What is your favourite Bestow product and why?
The Bestow Beauty Plus Oil, is amazing! I take it every day and almost all of our clients take it daily as well, It works amazingly for all skin conditions and concerns.

What do you love about the:

  • Bestow Skin-Food Products?
    They are so easy to use. I take the Bestow beauty Oil and Bestow Beauty Powder in my smoothie every morning! It's automatic, just part of my daily routine. The products don't affect the taste or texture of your meals at all but you know you are doing your skin and body a favour by by including them. The Beauty From Beneath capsules are great for people who travel a lot, or who struggle with the idea of a green powder. Just one capsule per day - no fuss!

  • Bestow Recipes and Books?
    The Bestow recipes are super easy and healthy. You don't need to go hunting for obscure ingredients. The recipes use all the 'normal' things you have at home or can easily grab from the supermarket. I always seek inspiration for dinner from the books. I am not much of a cook but even I can manage these recipes!

  • Bestow Rituals?
    The little rituals like lemon water upon rising, morning smoothies and the 'Time for Tea, Time for Me' ritual really cater for what people need in their diet and lifestyle. Everyone wants to be healthy, but everyone is also super busy. The Bestow rituals help people to develop achievable little healthy practices and encourage them to be mindful and build mini-retreats into their busy days.

What advice would you give to the Australian clinics that are considering stocking the Bestow range?
If you are passionate about working with your clients to achieve amazing results, or if you have been struggling to get the results you hope for, introducing the Bestow range will empower you to work in a whole new way! [Founder] Janine Tait is an inspiring mentor and her training will open your eyes to the power of working holistically. Having the nutritional knowledge gives you the edge to work with your clients deeper to achieve results you never thought possible. It's a must for all clinics serious about treating skin...

Bestow Beauty offers a natural range of organic superfood blends which moisturise, nourish, purify and protect your skin from within. The skin needs a wide range of nutrients in order to thrive, heal and resist premature ageing. Bestow founder, Janine Tait, combined her two super-powers as a dermo-nutritionist and skin-health expert to develop the products and holistic skincare approach at the heart of Bestow.

To discover more about Bestow Beauty or to enquiry about becoming a stockist, click here.