Get your Skin Ready for NYE

New Year’s Eve marks the end of the festive season, and the entire year, so may as well go out with not a fizzle but a bang! End the year in style with flawless, glowing skin with our 4-step guide to your NYE prep:

Step 1: Hair removal

Whether you live religiously by hair removal, or prefer to go au naturel, we know this is a very important step in many women’s big event prep. Feel smooth, hairless and refreshed in an instant with no hidden nasties or irritants to your skin, ready for the rest of your evening routine. Professional Beauty Solutions offers Body Sugaring Australia – all natural sugar paste hair removal, known to be less painful than waxing – and Caronlab waxing to salons to ensure all clients have their hair removal of choice when preparing for their New Year’s Eve.

Top tip: Make sure to wax or sugar 24 hours before big events, especially if you intend to have a spray tan. This ensures your hair follicles return back to normal after hair removal.

Step 2: Exfoliation

Hair? Gone. Skin? Smooth. What’s next? Exfoliation… Make sure to buff your skin to perfection, ensuring dull surface cells, dirt and oil is scrubbed away. Exfoliation helps improve your natural cell turnover, generating fresh and healthier layers of skin, meaning your skin is left looking radiant and smooth. If you don’t have time to drop by the beach and use the earth’s natural exfoliant (sand) that gets everywhere, try out Sunescape’s Exfoliating Body Polish, or Image Skincare’s Body Spa Exfoliating Scrub, for that smooth as a dolphin feeling…

Top tip: For best results, use an exfoliating mitt to gently scrub any dead skin cells or self-tan residue off your skin. Try Sunescape’s multi-purpose Tan Removal Mitt.

Step 3: Tanning

Time to glow. NYE isn’t NYE without a flawless, streak-free tan that glows and glows and glows all night long. After you’ve prepped your skin through exfoliation, you have a flawless surface to glide your self-tan mousse (or spray tan) to create an even, bronzed tan. Sunescape’s tanning range of professional and home use tan is the perfect solution to your quest for NYE ready skin, hydrating while you tan, giving you a long-lasting, incredible smelling tan that will make people ask if you’ve been on holidays. Try Sunescape’s Hydrating Instant Self-Tan Mousse in Month in Maui for an instant deep bronze.

Top tip: – Don’t forget to moisturise those rough skin areas like your knees and elbows, wrists and fingers to avoid a tanning faux pas. Overly brown hands and elbows are not the look to go for on New Year’s Eve.

Step 4: Makeup

The hard yards are done, and now it’s time to kill it in the makeup game. For a look that says ‘I’m ready for the best NYE night’, pack a punch with your makeup, from a smoky eye to a bold, vibrant lip that will last several drinks, and maybe a NYE smooch… We recommend Youngblood’s golden ‘Gilded’ eyeshadow, bright matte red ‘Fever’ lipstick to last you the night.

Top tip: Prime, prime, prime! Using a good base primer like the Mineral Primer will ensure your makeup stays exactly where it’s supposed to… on your face. By the end of the night, you won’t have to keep taking ‘bathroom breaks’ to check where your makeup’s at.