PBS Joins the Beauty Industry in the Fight Against Cancer


Last month, PBS joined the hair, beauty and barber industries to help raise funds throughout May as part of the ‘Love Your Sister’ charity run by Samuel Johnson, in memory of his sister Connie Johnson.

The team at head office participated in Pyjama Day (yes, that’s right….we were all wearing our  PJ’s to work!) and raised money with a morning tea.

The Love Your Sister is a foundation that started as a breast cancer advocacy group, and are now a whole village that fights all cancers! Their goal? To vanquish cancer so that families can get on with bickering and laughing together. Science holds the key and your donations create freedom for our best researchers to explore their left-of-field ideas without subjecting them to the all-consuming grant cycle.

The fundraising movement was started by siblings, Samuel Johnson and Connie Johnson, to help fight Connie’s terminal diagnosis of breast cancer. Today, Samuel continues his work with the organisation, driving towards a future where we can help cancer sufferers.

If you would like to donate online please click here

Lük Beautifood now distributed by PBS

Our mission is to give every woman the opportunity to cultivate her natural beauty without compromising her health and well-being.
— Cindy Luken, founder of Lük Beautifood.

We are proud to announce that Australian owned and made beauty brand, Lük Beautifood, is now officially part of the PBS collective of brands!

With their foundations built on harnessing the beauty of food, Lük Beautifood is a natural lipstick line that cultivates wholefoods and nutrient active ingredients to create their signature Lip Nourish Lipsticks.

Jumping on the coattails of the booming wellness trend, Lük has found success with their 100% natural toxin-free nourishing ingredients, made from healthy foods like avocado oil, ginger, citrus, cocoa butter, lemon and mint oils, and many more.

More and more women are realising that beauty is a natural extension of health, which can be heavily affected by the products you use daily.
— Cindy Luken

Did you know? With 60% of topical skincare products being absorbed through the skin and by licking your lips, we can be digesting toxic or synthetic ingredients with have associations with endocrine disruptors and carcinogenic materials. Lük Beautifood turns this on its head by applying nutritional science to create modern, healthy and multi-sensory lip products that will nourish your lips as much as they heal.

After realising women wanted the opportunity to cultivate natural beauty without compromising on health or wellbeing, Cindy Luken – a food scientist and chef in her own right – used her knowledge to develop toxin-free lipsticks in 2012. Following much trial and error in her test kitchen, experimenting with delicious food active ingredients, Luken knew she had caught onto something that would change the traditional cosmetics market.

“Our products are made from organic ingredients that you could literally eat, without a second thought. And when you consider that the average woman ingests 1.7kg of lipstick in her lifetime, that’s pretty important!” says Luken.

The range…

Lük’s range of 12 sheer shades flatter any skin tone. From the perfect nudes and neutrals in the range, to the mouth-watering colours, it is simply to find a beautiful shade to enhance your own beauty and create a healthy, natural look.

The collection feeds the lips with nutrients, protective antioxidants and anti-inflammatory's while providing lasting hydration and protection.

  • Avocado, sesame oils and cacao butter deeply moisturise lips.
  • Beeswax and lecithin lock in moisture.
  • Ginger and spices are rich in anti-inflammatory's.
  • Citrus rich in Vitamin C helps neutralise free radicals.

If you wish to learn more about Lük Beautifood, we’d be happy to help! Call now 1800 625 387!

Bestow's Sisterhood is On Track for a Bright Future

Four Bestow Sisterhood Sponsored Girls. On Track for a Bright Future Against the Odds

'Making a difference' can have a huge impact on the lives of those who are living in little privilege and ease. We wanted to share with you an encouraging story about the effect Bestow Beauty's charitable organisation partnership, the Bestow Sisterhood, is having on the lives of young girls in Cambodia.

The 'little sisters' we sponsor do not have the same opportunities that we have here in Australia. However, we received some wonderful news this week which shows how well the Cambodia Charitable Trust (CCT) is doing in bridging this gap.


Back in 2015, Janine Tait (founder of Bestow Beauty) and her husband Kevin joined her sister, Denise, on one of her trips to Cambodia. During our trip, she visited an academy in Phnom Penh set up by an American charity to provide support and accommodation for young, rural Cambodian women to make it possible for them to attend university.

Under normal circumstances, it is virtually impossible for rural Cambodian girls to attend university in the city without outside support. It would be far too dangerous for her to live alone so far away from her family. Young men, on the other hand, are safer and more equipped to look after themselves. It was on this trip that she realised how crucial these charities are at providing the vital link in improving young women’s access to university education in Cambodia.


Janine was delighted to see that the young girls at this academy were supported above and beyond their university studies. They had extra classes to improve their English and learn skills in diplomacy and ethics. This kind of support meant they had far greater options upon graduation even the possibility of travelling overseas. She wanted to know if some of our rising stars from the Cambodian Charitable Trust could attend this academy and follow this pathway towards university. Discussing a variety of options, like donating some of our personal funds to the academy in exchange for taking in our girls, Janine was hopeful and excited about this possibility.

Unfortunately, Souen, the CCT Cambodian Manager, broke the news that it was unlikely that any of the CCT sponsored girls would achieve the academic levels required to be accepted into such a place. Growing up in the poverty-stricken conditions of rural Cambodia they were simply too disadvantaged, not to mention malnourished, and though CCT hugely improved education standards at their schools, they couldn’t compete with the quality teachers and education opportunities in the bigger cities. The best they could hope for, was for our sponsored girls to become mothers who then tutored and encouraged the next generation of girls to pursue this type of opportunity.


Saddened by this news, Denise and the CCT still continued their amazing work – upskilling teachersupgrading school facilities and sponsoring children, thanks to sponsors like the Bestow Sisterhood. CCT-sponsored schools, teachers and students have been going from strength to strength. Their work has been recognised by the Cambodian Ministry of Education who have asked them to implement a teacher training programme across all of Cambodia. It is expected that the programme will raise the standard of education throughout the country!

Then, just this month, Jane Muller, one of the key members of New Zealand’s CCT team, reported on her latest visit to CCT-sponsored schools in Cambodia. She says:

“When we visited Ang Seyma Secondary School last month we were concerned that the dropout rate at the school has increased. The school director puts this down to the poverty in the area: the poorest families borrow money, can’t manage the repayments and end up withdrawing their children from school and sending them to work in the garment factories or on construction sites to help repay the loans.   In other cases, the parents move to Phnom Penh or Thailand for work and leave their children with grandparents or relatives.  The parents are rarely able to come home to visit, so the support to stay in school and get a good education is diluted. 
While this depressing pattern was occurring regularly, the school director told us about five amazing, high-achieving young women, four of whom are sponsored through the Bestow Sisterhood. He said, without a doubt, all five would have dropped out if it wasn’t for their CCT sponsorship.
Ol Chontea, sponsored by Hady Wenham at Forme Spa and In Sreypheap have both been selected to sit the exam to find the top performing Grade Nine students in the country. Ouch Sokanha, sponsored by Matt and Lisa Williams of Professional Beauty Solutions – who distribute Bestow in Australia, and Lek Sam Ath, sponsored by Bestow Beauty, have been selected to sit the same exam for grade eight. Leng Rachny, sponsored by Sarah Huggins from Inspire Beauty & Day Spa, is always top of her class in grade seven.
This sort of news is so encouraging. It was not that long ago we were told none of the students in our remote, rural schools could compete for top places against students from the cities. A few years later, the quality of the education they are being provided, and the support of their amazing sponsors, has led to these young women achieving at a highly competitive level academically. 
A heart felt thank you to those sponsors, you really are changing lives.
– Jane Muller


Against the odds, there’s a good chance that these bright, dedicated girls will have the opportunity to attend an academy like the one we visited if they wish to. Each are likely to go on to have bright futures with choice and autonomy over their own lives – something that was looking very unlikely just a few years ago.

"We are blown away by these results which go well beyond what Denise and I thought would be possible. We feel so encouraged that by coming together as the Bestow Sisterhood and partnering with the CCT, we are opening up new possibilities for girls growing up in Cambodia who start out with far fewer opportunities than we have." - Janine Tait says.

PS: If you would like to sponsor a girl through the Bestow Sisterhood, please CLICK HERE.

Salon of the Month - Zwar Beauty

Zwar Beauty -  website3 (002).jpeg

Cutting down her salon menu by more than half her original offerings, and only focusing on her core treatments – skincare and facials – was a huge risk for Zwar Beauty’s Tenille Dodd. But it is a leap of faith that paid off for the dedicated and passionate salon owner, allowing her business to become the success it is today and giving Tenille the opportunity to hone her craft as one of the best facialists in Port Lincoln, South Australia.

I think if you have the passion and confidence in what you are doing and selling, your goals and dreams come to you without really having to try.

Zwar Beauty’s Tenille takes guiding her clients towards better and brighter skin to another level. Beyond performing a simple treatment, from a facial to makeup application, the philosophy at Zwar Beauty is to take a client and treat them with the same care as you would your own skin, and provide them with the proper post-treatment education to ensure they come out feeling confident and comfortable.

“I see too many clients come in who have been using their products incorrectly and it makes me really upset as I know ingredients like Vitamin A, Glycolic, Retinol are powerful and if they are prescribed incorrectly they can cause more damage to the skin than good,” Tenille exclaims.

This is why she places the utmost importance on the skin consultation and follows up with every client that walks through her doors to make sure their prescribed skincare routine is being followed meticulously. Most recently, Tenille experienced amazing success through charging for her comprehensive skin consultations as a service, resulting in high volumes of retail sales from her clients, who have not been able to deny the work they must put in at home as well as in the treatment room.

A free 15-minute consult is just not enough time to consult correctly, and discuss skin health, advise topical prescription and set up a treatment plan.

“My clients just want to be guided to make sure they are doing the right thing with their skin,” Tenille mentions. “So, I make sure to message every client that comes in for a facial a few days later to touch base.”

Tenille has stocked Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics for 7 years and it is still one of her most powerful brands. In addition to this, she also stocks Sunescape Tan, Bestow Beauty and Wotnot to back the key performer of her business Image Skincare. “I have been saying to myself ‘where have you been all my skin therapist life’ after introducing Image to my salon!” says Tenille.

Image Skincare has allowed me to take my clients’ facials to the next step. My clients are noticing a huge difference in their own skin, and I’m feeling huge results on myself. I’m speechless!

Apart from amazing brands that produce amazing results for her clients, Tenille places her success largely on the customer service she provides as a sole operator. Working on her own, Tenille allows enough time between each client to give them a comfortable, relaxed experience, in addition to enough allowance to focus on the business side of operations too.

“We live in such a stressful world now, that clients just want a treatment that is purely focused on them, and I’ll go above and beyond to give them that,” Tenille explains. “We are the one thing you can’t buy online, so I want to make it memorable for my clients.”

The extremely loyal clients at Zwar Beauty have also flocked to events held by Tenille, including a recent makeup masterclass for Youngblood, focusing on educating clients on wearing makeup that does not undo the results of a facial and is actually good for the skin. This resulted in greater client loyalty and an increase in Youngblood retail sales, with many even coming back to restock their products!

In April, Tenille also ran an extremely successful Facebook competition for her clients, asking ‘Why you would want to win a facial with me’, resulting in not only 3 winners due to high demand, but dozens of other clients taking up the facial deal on offer.

“I work my business from the saying ‘don’t be better, be different’, and I honestly think this is the reason why I have had such a strong rebooking clientele,” Tenille enlightens. “My clients know I love my job, they can see and feel it through their facial treatments. I know there is no other salon nearby that specialises in skin like I do!”

Congratulations again to Zwar Beauty for being our PBS Salon of the Month!

Attend PBS' 2018 Gala Dinner | Early Bird tickets now available!

PBS EDM gala dinner SM06.jpg

We recognise the amazing hard work and dedication our salons show in their individual businesses, and we think it's only fair that you are rewarded for it!

The Professional Beauty Solutions' 3rd Annual Awards Gala Dinner is the ultimate night to celebrate and recognise our remarkable salon and spa partners! Not only will you be in the midst of hundreds of salon owners from across Australia, but this is also a chance to rub elbows with the who's who of international education, including many of PBS' brand founders.

Each year on this exciting night, we announce the prestigious 'Salon of the Year' award, which will go to the salon with the strongest commitment to growing their business and demonstrates excellence in the service they offer. This year, we will also be awarding our 'Stockist of the Year' for each of our award-winning brands, as well as our 'Marketing Excellence', 'Retail Therapist' and 'PBS Passion' awards for those salons that deliver unparalleled results and show a sense of utmost pride in their work as a beauty therapist!

We will be taking Salon of the Year nominations and submissions soon...

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Entertainment, 3 course sit down meal and drinks will be provided.

Revisit the best moments of the 2017 PBS Gala Dinner: